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'Voice' Won't Let Fans Vote But Cuts 2 & Announces Summer Tour

Wednesday April 9, 2014


The Voice Season Six has entered a brutal period for fans. This week we had the privilege of watching Battle Rounds, but had to bear the elimination of early favorites like Clarissa Sern and Kaleigh Glaton. That narrowed the field to the top five singers on each of the four teams and meant the Season 6 Top 20 would be entering the Live Playoffs.

But any joy we might have felt at the prospect of finally getting our chance to vote for our favorite singers was quickly dashed because this season the producers aren't letting us cast votes  until the judges (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher) eliminate another eight contestants.

At least they aren't wasting time, quickly cutting two more singers last night, when they sent home garbage man Ryan Whyte Maloney and short filmmaker Madilyn Paige (neither of whom I'll really miss--how about you?).

And NBC threw Voice fans another bone, announcing that the singing competition is launching their own tour this summer. It will hit the road June 21st and perform live in 30 concerts. 

The Voice Live Tour will be a lot like American Idol Live, although Idol fans get to see the season's top ten contestants while Voice fans will have to make due with the top three. Then again, Voice fans get a couple of previous stars and a chance to choose a fan favorite to join the tour.

Find out more about The Voice Live Tour and compare it to American Idol's Live Tour 2014 yourself.

And, while The Voice might not want your vote, I do. If it were up to you, which six contestants would you cut from Season Six's final 18? Cast your votes in the comment section.

Photo © NBC.

Single Parents With Teens Wanted For New Reality Series

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Got teens?

Then, especially as a single mom or dad,  you probably dread the summer, when you darling child is freed from the shackles of school and can use all those extra hours for trouble-making.  And even when you come up with great family vacation plans all they do is grumble and spend the whole time glued to their cell phones.

But trying out for a new reality show may be the perfect solution.

Doron Ofir Casting is casting for a brand new major network series called Summertime Share, where teenagers ages 14-20 and their single parents are "whisked away on a summer vacation they will remember forever." The casting officers say that the adult and teen cast members  will embark on an idyllic summertime adventure, meet new people, and make new friends that will last a lifetime.

They also promise lazy days of summer basking in the sun, grilling, boating, splashing in the waves; sharing those warm summer nights partying, dancing, and living it up with like minded social singles and their teens.

Sound fun? Go to www.summertimecasting.com to find out how to "love, laugh, dance, play and live the dream under the stars" this summer-- oh and bond with the kid of course.

Apply now.

'I Wanna Marry Harry' Tricks Bachelorettes Ala 'Joe Millionaire'

Thursday April 3, 2014


Fox's new reality show I Wanna Marry Harry tricks American bachelorettes in a move similar to Joe Millionaire, the dating show where the bachelor turned out not to be a millionaire at all, just a "regular Joe."

Last month, when I complained that The Bachelor, Season Eighteen star Juan Pablo Galavis proved he was "no prince;" I had no idea that Fox was already filming a Bachelor style dating competition in which 12 desperate American women are led to believe they are really truly vying for the heart and hand of a very real Prince.

I say "desperate" because I'm not sure how else to describe women who so desperately want to believe in a fairy tale world where they'll end up marrying a real Prince and they'll become real Princesses and live in the lap of luxury. It's almost delusional to think a member of the British Royal Family--even one who isn't in line for the throne--would let a reality TV show choose his dates.

Then, so many of our reality shows require a bit of suspension of disbelief. And there's the conviction held by the hundreds of thousands of fans who auditioned for American Idol, certain they will be discovered and transformed, overnight into rock stars. It is sort of delusional. We've all seen the contestants that are completely out of their elements, so terrible it's funny or cringe worthy to watch them. And yet we not only do watch, those segments of the show became an essential part of American Idol.

And as fans we also want to see rags to riches and over-night success stories.  As Americans, we often seem to latch onto the few real examples that exist as proof that we can all one day escape our own mundane existences.  And there are plenty of real world examples to fuel our fantasies. Would Fox have been able to pass of their I Wanna Marry Harry ruse if Prince William hadn't just married a commoner and thereby given millions of women dreams of landing his younger brother Harry?

Or will there always be women who so want a man to rescue them that they will try to see a prince in a man like Juan Pablo, whose own family was willing to detail his faults; or in the "average English bloke" who stars as the bachelor in Fox's dating/duping show?

I have to admit, I'm both appalled at the premise of I Wanna Marry Harry, and intrigued enough to watch--at least one episode.  I suppose I'll be watching in part to see if I would have fallen for the ruse. But what does it mean if the bachelorettes competing on the show didn't see through the charade? Does ignorance justify duplicity?

What do you think about the premise of I Wanna Marry Harry? Will you watch when it premieres in May?

Do you think this guy looks like the real Prince?

Photo © Fox.


'Chrisley Knows Best' Lavish Lifestyle at Odds With Bankruptcy Documents

Wednesday April 2, 2014

Chrisley Knows Best

Chrisley Knows Best, the new hit USA reality show,  is about a Southern family with a lavish lifestyle who fling verbal barbs as quickly as they spend money.

Is the family's apparent wealth a facade hiding massive debt? Or did Chrisley Knows Best patriarch Todd fudge his bankruptcy paperwork? Or has his finances just rebounded from 2012 when he claimed to have a mere $55 in the bank?

A bankruptcy court trustee believes he knows the answer and he's filed legal documents alleging that Todd Chrisley intentionally mislead the court with the hope of hiding assets.

Meet the Chrisley Knows Best family members in this photo album and find out more about the developing scandal here.

VH1 Star Shot By Cousin

Monday March 31, 2014


This weekend a VH1 reality TV star was driving in a funeral procession for one  family member when another family member shot him.

Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member Benzino was reportedly going to his mothers funeral when his cousin pulled up alongside his car and shot him.

The cousin is in custody and Benzino is apparently listed in "good condition."

Read more about this twisted tale that seems somehow fitting for a guy who once had one of rap's biggest feuds with Eminem.

Photo © VH1.

'Idol' Down to 8, But 10 Will Tour With 'Idol Live'

Monday March 31, 2014


With last week's elimination of Majesty Rose, American Idol has now come down to the top eight contestants.

Next week, on Wednesday, April 2nd, those final eight singers of Season Thirteen will continue on their quest to become the next American Idol, performing their original audition songs in a "Back to the Start (First Audition)"-themed performance show.

How much have the singers learned and improved over the past months? Tune in to find out.

Then, on Thursday, April 3, viewers will get their chance to see who will be sent home and multi-platinum band Daughtry, will perform. Season Five American Idol contestant, Chris Daughtry continues to prove that even Idol castoffs are no losers. It's not just American Idol winners who are capable of parlaying this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to musical success.

Keep that in mind if you were rooting for Majesty Rose (or for that matter MK Nobilette) and are disappointed that they no longer have the chance to walk away an American Idol. Afterall, the top ten contestants will all be joining this summer's concert tour, American Idol Live. Get the whole line-up and find concert dates and venues here.

American Idol airs on Fox, Wednesdays 8-10 PM Eastern (live) and Pacific (tape-delayed) and Thursdays 9-9:30 PM.

Photo American Idol Top Ten © Fox.

Reality Marathons Now Available on Hulu

Friday March 28, 2014

Amazing Race logo

Like binge watching your reality TV in marathons of your favorite shows? Or getting the chance to watch a reality series from the very beginning, even though its been on the air for a decade? (I know a friend who has never watched a single episode of Survivor--now it's his chance.)

If that appeals to you, Hulu, the online video service, may just have your number.  Hulu Plus has unveiled their extensive library of reality TV competitions (which they claim is the most comprehensive available).

Only caveat? You may have to call in sick to finish watching all the episodes back-to-back.

For example, Hulu Plus now has 244 episodes of Survivor, which would take you about 10 days to watch, if you don't take any breaks for pesky interruptions like eating, sleeping or going to the bathroom.  Start watching Survivor now.

There's also 257 episodes (almost 11 days, 24/7) of The Amazing Race. Watch here.

And 160 episodes (a mere six and a half days) of America's Next Top Model to view here.

Which reality competition would you most enjoy binge watching? How many days would it take you to watch every Top Model episode, both before and after the show was completely overhauled?

Photo © CBS.

Winners of First 'Real Housewives' Awards

Wednesday March 26, 2014

Real Housewives Awards

This week Bravo announced the winners of their first annual "Real Housewives Awards," a celebration of all the latest and greatest moments in the Real Housewives franchise (The Real Housewives of Orange County, The Real Housewives of New York, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and  The Real Housewives of Miami.

Gearing up for the announcement, Bravo has been treating fans with  special programming including Andy Cohen revealing the winner of "The Lifetime Achievement Award" on Watch What Happens Live and a special marathon of the most nominated moments.

The festivities culminated when the winners were unveiled during Bravo's Sunday night lineup.

And the winners of the first are ...

1.  Best Supporting Agitator: Kim D

2.  Most Memorable Outfit: Kenya's Phaedra Outfit

3.  Rookie of the Year: Kenya Moore

4.  Most Shocking Reunion Twist: Briana's Revelations About Brooks

5.  Party of the Year: NeNe's Pillow Talk Party

6.  Favorite Quote: Lisa Vanderpump's, "This is too bitchy I shouldn't say it - but I'm awfully glad I did."

7.  OMG-est Moment of the Year: Joe-vs-Joe in Lake George

8.  Best Fight Locale: A Bridal Shop

9.  Loveliest Locks: Joyce

10.  Outstanding Achievement in Extremely Short Form Live Action: Kim "Faints"

11.  Favorite Real Housewives City: Beverly Hills

12.  Lifetime Achievement Award: Vicki Gunvalson of Real Housewives of Orange County

Hashtag  #RHAwards

Photo © Bravo.

'American Dream Builders' Will Make A Viewer's Dream Come True

Saturday March 22, 2014


American Dream Builders, the new reality show that premieres Sunday on NBC,  features contestants in whole-home renovation competitions. The show promises to be a mash-up of the ubiquitous home renovation shows and with the competition and judges' panel of a Top Chef.

At the end of the season, one lucky contestant will be crowned the "Ultimate Dream Builder" and take home a $250,000 cash prize. The owners of the homes that will be renovated this season should also come out as winners (as long as good design prevails) and they won't be the only ones rewarded.

Viewers also have a chance to win $100,000 in products and services from the hardware store Lowe's--and, even better, the opportunity to have the winner of American Dream Builders consult on a renovation in their own homes--in the "Dream it Yourself Sweepstakes."  Viewers can submit entries via the show's website and gain additional opportunities to enter by following the show on Facebook and Twitter or uploading photos of their own home renovation projects.

What home improvement projects have you undertaken recently? Which home improvement show is your favorite? What would you change about your home with a $100,000?

American Dream Builders features football star Eddie George and interior decorator Monica Pedersen as judges and is hosted by Nate Berkus. Find out how the competition will work (and more) here.

American Dream Builders premieres Sunday March 23, 2014 and airs Sundays on NBC at 8/7 PM Central.

Photo © NBC.

'Bachelor' Juan Pablo Proves He's No Prince

Saturday March 15, 2014


During the recent season finale of The Bachelor, Season Eighteen star Juan Pablo Galavis proved he is no prince and there would be no happily ever after.

In case there was any doubt left about Juan Pablo's character after his narrow-minded homophobic comments about the possibility of a gay Bachelor,  they evaporated during the final dates and family meetings.

Red flags should have been raised when Juan Pablo's closest family members warned the remaining two bachelorettes (Clare and Nikki) about the bachelor's personality flaws, but the girls were still dreaming of red roses--which, in the end, turned out to be the best they could hope for, because there would be no proposal, no ring and no declaration of love.

Mom Nelly characterized her son as, "hyperactive" and sometimes "very rude," while his father shared that his son could be totally self-centered and a cousin shared fears that Juan Pablo would run at the earliest sign of relationship problem.

When asked what they might do when the show ended and took with it all the extravagant dates, Juan Pablo admitted things would mostly look like him lounging around on the sofa watching sports on TV.

Later, during his final one-0n-one date with Clare, Juan Pablo offended the bachelorette by whispering something dirty in her ear. (Find out what and get the whole episode recap here.)

During the final moments, after Juan Pablo had already broken a girl's heart and was listening  to her anguish,  he could barely manage to mumble "okay" in a tone that made it clear he didn't care.

"Do you know how I feel?" Juan Pablo interrupted, as though the pain of the rejection was his, not hers.

Then as she walked away the prize-winner joked, "Oof, I'm glad I didn't pick her."

To be fair, he doesn't really "pick" the other girl either, even if he did give out one more rose.

Even during the The Bachelor: After the Final Rose he wouldn't say the l-word.

Although there were rumors Juan Pablo would follow in former Bachelor star Sean Lowe footsteps and compete on Dancing With the Stars I'm thrilled to say that doesn't seem like it will pan out.

What was your final impression of Juan Pablo? Did he turn out to be the man you though he was? Or were you, like the runner-up, disappointed in him in the end?

Photo © ABC.


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