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Diane Anderson-Minshall

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Biggest 'I Wanna Marry Harry' Surprise

Sunday June 1, 2014

I Wanna Marry Harry Stars

So what's the big surprise of I Wanna Marry Harry? It's not what you think.

Before the dating competition premiered May 28th, Fox had already confirmed that their new show,  I Wanna Marry "Harry" featured twelve American bachelorettes who have been taken to England and led to believe they are courting a real Prince; Prince William's younger brother Harry.

Fans of reality TV could certainly believe that producers could find twelve American women oblivious to the fact that there was no way in hell an heir to the British crown would choose his fiancée via an American TV show. I mean, admit it--some of the stars of our favorite guilty pleasures are surprisingly, um, uninformed.

However, interviews with eliminated I Wanna Marry Harry contestants suggests some of them aren't as clueless as they'd like us to think.  Okay, when Leah Tom was asked how she could think Matthew Hicks was really Prince Harry, she replied,  "Pop culture is not really my thing." But Andrea Fox admitted, "I just felt as though something was off. Plus, I don't think the Queen would allow [Harry] to go on a show to date a bunch of crazy American girls."

Fox may even have acknowledged that the bachelorettes of  I Wanna Marry are just going along with the charade when it promoted the show by posing the rhetorical question, "Will he be able to convince them he's regal?"

As viewers maybe the only real question is--in this day and age when reality shows are avenues to stardom in their own right--are any of the contestants in dating competitions really in the game for love? Or are they far more pragmatic, signing up for I Wanna, for example because it promises them a trip to England?

"Plus,"as Andrea Fox acknowledged, "I love being in front of the camera."

Watch I Wanna Marry Harry to see for yourself which contestants have fallen for the con, and which have not. Bonus? The culture clash between Brits--even when they aren't royal--and Americans can produce some glorious moments, and delightful quotes. Like "We don't have tea parties where I'm from. I don't think Long Island Iced Teas count" or (from 'Harry') "American girls don't seem to have inside voices. ... They're very forward."

I Wanna Marry Harry airs Tuesdays on Fox at 8PM Eastern/Pacific

Photo © Fox

'American Idol' Ends--Auditions Begin

Sunday May 25, 2014

Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson At Idol 13 Finale

American Idol 13 has concluded with the crowning of a new pop star (was it Caleb or Jena? Find out here). But as always, no sooner than one Idol is anointed than the search for the next  American Idol begins and this time there are even more ways to audition--some without even leaving your home.

But why bother?

I mean, we all see that Idol is in decline, right? This year has seen the lowest number of viewers since Idol premiered in 2002, with only 10.14 million tuning in for the finale. Last year it was  14.31 million, in 2011 29.29 million of 2011, and during the singing competition's peak in 2006, 36.38 million.

Well, here's how and why to audition for Season 14, including the all new option of tweeting your audition video (or using other social media platforms). Fox will also be accepting nominations, so if you know someone who should be on Idol you can apply for them.

The auditions for American Idol Season Fourteen begin June 18th a month before this year's Top Ten launch their 2014 American Idol Live tour in Washington state.

Photo of Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson at American Idol 13 finale © Fox.

Witches, Sisters & Bastards to Star on Oxygen Shows

Sunday May 18, 2014

Witches, sisters and bastards star in the new reality shows in development at Oxygen. The network has released information about five shows it currently has in development. The shows feature modern day witches, a former Flavor of Love winner (who now lives with her five sisters and 11 nieces and nephews),  young entrepreneurs, and women raised without fathers.

What ties them all together? They star young women who are setting out to control their own futures--with the help of women friends, female family members and investing angels.

You Go Girls.

Find out more about the five new shows here.

'Masterchef' Blend of Fiery & Sweet Returns May 26th

Sunday May 11, 2014

Chef Gordon Ramsay

Thank god for split personalities. Without them, reality TV viewers would have to decide between the psycho-chef of Hells Kitchen and the supportive mentor of Masterchef who helped make Masterchef Junior a hit when the kid's competition spin-off premiered last year.

But somehow Chef Gordon Ramsay continues shape-shifting between these two personalities. And though they initially appear to be polar opposites they ultimately share a similar root: the award-winning chef's high expectations and desire to mold the next generation of world-renown  chefs.  If cooks do manage to impress him--whether in the relatively calm waters of Masterchef or boiling cauldron of Hells Kitchen--we get the sense that he will help them succeed in this difficult and highly competitive profession.

This  month, Ramsay returns from the pint-sized world of kid cooks to judge the contestants on Masterchef, some of whom--at least in previous seasons--have demonstrated their own immaturity. Remember Season Four's Krissi who seemed to be offended by the early success of vegetarian Bri but had her own palette and experiential limitations (like dismissing an enourmous range of culinary flavors with the comment that she "didn't like Asian")?

Compare Krissi to Christine Ha the remarkably talented and confident blind chef who surprised everyone by winning Season Three and you see a similar divide between fiery and sweet. It reflects Chef Ramsey's two personalities, and it represents the culinary need for pairing opposite flavors.

In other ways Krissi and Christine were actually quite similar.  Both of them were considered outsiders among Masterchef's contestants (who are themselves outsiders of the professional world of chefs seen in Hells Kitchen) and their skills were both initially discounted by competitors who continued to undervalue these two cooks and were repeatedly surprised by how well these two women did in the competition.

Of course they were from very different backgrounds and Christine won her season while Krissi didn't but they also represent the range of contestants and back-stories and conflicts that continue to make Masterchef one of my favorite cooking competitions.

I look forward to the fifth season of Masterchef, which premieres Monday, May 26th (8-9PM Eastern/Pacific). If you are too, you can check out this sneak peek with the top 30 contestants and some of the challenges they will face this season in Los Angeles.

Photo ©  Fox.

'Voice' 6 Eliminates One of the Best Singers

Wednesday May 7, 2014

Sisaundra Lewis of The Voice 6

Did your favorite singer make it through last night's The Voice bloodbath when three contestants were eliminated all at once?

I thought The Voice Season Six was brutal when viewers were cock blocked from voting, but that was nothing compared to last night when we had to see three of the season's frontrunners say their last goodbyes. I was especially disappointed to see Sisaundra Lewis go.  Lewis was absolutely one of the most talented singers to grace the Voice stage on any season. I mean, there's a reason Lewis was once Celine Dion's voice coach--and this season Lewis has proven she's got some serious chops of her own.

At least there's hope Lewis won't fade into the background behind other singers. She told Hollywood Life that Blake said he'd be "seeing her around," which Lewis took to mean they might connect professionally again soon. Hopefully this is one time when the phrase "see you around" is actually a prediction and not a polite blow-off.

Fortunately there's still some real talent left in the top five--even if I don't personally see the appeal of Jake Worthington--so check out who made it and if your favorite was cut, book a ticket now for this summer's Voice Live Tour.

Who do you wish would still be in the running for this season's Voice finale?

Photo © NBC.

Who Will Survive 'Idol' Request Show?

Wednesday April 30, 2014

Sam Woolf next to go home on American Idol Season 13?

Who will survive the latest American Idol elimination?

Catch Season Thirteen's  Top Five performing on Fox, Wednesday April 30 and place your bets.

Or if you're like me you've already wagered that you know this year's final three. I mean, I'm no precog, but there are two contestants I don't think are going to make the cut. It's just a matter of whether they'll be eliminated this week or next.

But even if you think you know the outcome, tonight's show should be fun to watch anyway. First there's a special performance by Idol Judge Keith Urban then the final five will perform two songs chosen by fans. Will viewers make better song choices than some of the contestants have made for themselves? We'll see.

This week the final five contestants have been mentored by Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter Jason Mraz. Once again they will be singing for viewer votes and the unlucky eliminated singer will be revealed on Thursday, May 1's live results show.

But, just between us, we know who's going to be eliminated, right? Which 2 contestants do you think are out of time? Who are you sure will make the finale?

I'm betting on Jena Irene going head to head against Alex Preston. What do you think?

American Idol airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on Fox 8-10PM Pacific

Photo © Fox

'True Tori' No Fairytale View of Tori & Dean's Marriage

Sunday April 27, 2014

Tori Spelling of True Tori

Tori Spelling isn't exactly known for authenticity. After all, her reality shows have often revolved around gimmicks. On Tori & Dean: Inn Love, Spelling and her husband Dean McDermott try their hand at running a B&B;  then they turned to wedding planning in Tori & Dean: sTORIbook Weddings and in Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever (which is supposed to premiere on HGTV later this year) they renovate a remote, lakeside cabin in Canada. Sure it's been guilty pleasure TV, but it hasn't seemed particularly real.

All of that changes with True Tori, the new Lifetime reality show that follows Spelling and McDermott as they try to recover from his infidelity. Suddenly we've become privy to the real Tori Spelling. As with the best of reality TV, True Tori provides us a window into someone else's real life and we discover they are more like us then we might have dreamed.

And it is this capturing of an universal truth that makes True Tori so watchable and it's why women, especially, should be catching the show. (Here are five reasons to do so).

True Tori airs Tuesdays on Lifetime at 10/9PM Central.

Photo © Lifetime

Will Tonight's 'Real Housewives' Reunion Feature Star's Arrest?

Sunday April 20, 2014

Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey, Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams-Stewart

Tonight kicks off a three-part reunion special for The Real Housewives of Atlanta; but all fans want to know is whether Porsha Williams or Kenya Moore will talk about the onset catfight that led to battery charges for Williams. And and when will we get to see the fight?

The reunion episodes will feature Bravo stars Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, NeNe Leakes, Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks and Porsha Williams reminiscing with Andy Cohen about Season Six, catching viewers up on their lives since and  looking forward to the upcoming season.

Part one of the reunion special airs tonight, Sunday, April 20 at 8PM Eastern/Pacific and offers our best hope of learning the details of the alleged attack or (even better) getting a chance to see the footage. After all, if it happened on set, you know Bravo got film of it.

Later tonight the Real Housewives of Atlanta prove they can't be penned in, not even to a TV schedule:  in addition to the two-hour-long reunion special, Real Housewives will also appear on other Bravo shows this evening including the 10PM season finale of The Millionaire Matchmaker (which guest stars Nene seeeking perfect matches for two of her bridesmaids) and Watch What Happens Live where Phaedra Parks joins host Andy Cohen.

If for some reason you miss tonight's Part One, or want to get a sneak peek on what's to come get the synopsis here or check out this video.

Part II airs Sunday, April 27 at 8PM and Bravo hints that it will deal with the fallout over the Kenya Porsha fight.

Then Part III airs Sunday, May 4 at 8PM Eastern/Pacific and features the men of Atlanta talking about their wives and dishing about the season.

Not to ever risk being accused of not milking the Real Housewives for every drop of publicity and viewers' eyes captured, Bravo, won't just jump into Season Seven. No, even after the three-part reunion there will still be another Real Housewives of Atlanta special: Sunday, May 11 at 8PM Eastern/Pacific, Bravo will air a "Secrets Revealed" episode.

Photo © Bravo.


'Voice' Won't Let Fans Vote But Cuts 2 & Announces Summer Tour

Wednesday April 9, 2014


The Voice Season Six has entered a brutal period for fans. This week we had the privilege of watching Battle Rounds, but had to bear the elimination of early favorites like Clarissa Sern and Kaleigh Glaton. That narrowed the field to the top five singers on each of the four teams and meant the Season 6 Top 20 would be entering the Live Playoffs.

But any joy we might have felt at the prospect of finally getting our chance to vote for our favorite singers was quickly dashed because this season the producers aren't letting us cast votes  until the judges (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher) eliminate another eight contestants.

At least they aren't wasting time, quickly cutting two more singers last night, when they sent home garbage man Ryan Whyte Maloney and short filmmaker Madilyn Paige (neither of whom I'll really miss--how about you?).

And NBC threw Voice fans another bone, announcing that the singing competition is launching their own tour this summer. It will hit the road June 21st and perform live in 30 concerts. 

The Voice Live Tour will be a lot like American Idol Live, although Idol fans get to see the season's top ten contestants while Voice fans will have to make due with the top three. Then again, Voice fans get a couple of previous stars and a chance to choose a fan favorite to join the tour.

Find out more about The Voice Live Tour and compare it to American Idol's Live Tour 2014 yourself.

And, while The Voice might not want your vote, I do. If it were up to you, which six contestants would you cut from Season Six's final 18? Cast your votes in the comment section.

Photo © NBC.

Single Parents With Teens Wanted For New Reality Series

Tuesday April 8, 2014

Got teens?

Then, especially as a single mom or dad,  you probably dread the summer, when you darling child is freed from the shackles of school and can use all those extra hours for trouble-making.  And even when you come up with great family vacation plans all they do is grumble and spend the whole time glued to their cell phones.

But trying out for a new reality show may be the perfect solution.

Doron Ofir Casting is casting for a brand new major network series called Summertime Share, where teenagers ages 14-20 and their single parents are "whisked away on a summer vacation they will remember forever." The casting officers say that the adult and teen cast members  will embark on an idyllic summertime adventure, meet new people, and make new friends that will last a lifetime.

They also promise lazy days of summer basking in the sun, grilling, boating, splashing in the waves; sharing those warm summer nights partying, dancing, and living it up with like minded social singles and their teens.

Sound fun? Go to www.summertimecasting.com to find out how to "love, laugh, dance, play and live the dream under the stars" this summer-- oh and bond with the kid of course.

Apply now.

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