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Diane Anderson-Minshall

Latest in Kardashian v. Humphries War

By December 2, 2011

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Kris Humphries filed for an annulment

Filing for divorce turns out to be just Kim Kardashian's opening salvo in what has become an all out Kardashian v. Humphries publicity war.

When she divorced ballplayer Kris Humphries 72-days after her multimillion dollar wedding, Kardashian's cache plummeted as critics suggested her marriage was a made-for-TV production.

Humpries, after first saying he was stunned and disappointed by Kardashian's divorce filing, has now--TMZ reports--responded by filing for a marriage annulment.

The difference between a divorce and an annulment, Century City Family law attorney Peter Lauzon told E! News is, "an annulment essentially legally restates you back to the position of a single person, as if the marriage never happened. Whereas in a divorce, the marriage is recognized and terminated by the divorce proceeding."

According to TMZ, Humphries thinks the whole affair was a Kardashian fraud carried out to increase ratings for Kim & Kourtney Take New York and believes "he was slotted in the plot line of Kim Kardashian's headline and newest business venture."

I'd say the Kardashians gained far more in media coverage, purchases of their Sears Kardashian Kollection and the millions shelled out by E! for exclusive rights to the wedding itself, which was billed as the American Royal Wedding.

The Kardashian clan didn't become the Kardashians without learning the art of spin. And, apparently, in order to turn the attention the divorce has garnered into a positive for their brand, they need that spin to discredit Humphries.

Which leads us to the latest salvo in the fight for the hearts, viewership and dollars of Americans. As seen in checkout lines around the country, Star magazine's cover currently proclaims, "Kris is Gay!"

Never-mind that the same publication reported just a few months ago that Humphries was seen fooling around with two women at a Miami nightclub.

The alleged "proof" of Humphries' gay sexuality?

  • He showed Kourtney's baby-daddy Scott how to "manscape"
  • Humphries (a professional athlete) once chose to watch Sports Center over sex with Kim
  • He didn't have sex with Kim after returning from their honeymoon

Not only is the assertion--as source close to Humphries told RomorFix.com--"ridiculous and completely false"--it is offensive and homophobic.

The claim that Humphries is gay seems like an effort to discredit and ridicule him by attacking his masculinity (even though one's masculinity or femininity isn't determined by sexual orientation).

And it reveals an assumption that being gay or even "metrosexual" is something to be ashamed of. Imagine if Star claimed someone was secretly black or secretly Jewish. Would we be offended by that person's "disception"? No. We'd be offended at Star. Which is what we should be now.

Furthermore, the argument that a man must be gay if he doesn't want to have sex with Kim Kardashian strikes me as patently ridiculous. She may have a rocking body, but there are plenty of reasons couples don't have sex--and a partner's secret sexuality is not chief among them.

If having sex with Kim proves Humphries is straight and not having sex with her means he's gay, then it must mean that Humphries "went gay" during their honeymoon. Which I think means: Kim Kardashian turned Kris Humphries gay.

Photo Donald Bowers/Getty Images.


December 4, 2011 at 5:38 pm
(1) t.mille says:

This whole thing is making me sick. The only way to stop it is stop giving the Kardashians the power. Take it away. Stop buying and watching all things Kardashian

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