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Diane Anderson-Minshall

Has America Run Out of Talent?

By July 10, 2012

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Horse's talent is getting hit in the crotch

America's Got Talent has entered its seven season, having reduced 48 contestants down to the top 40--and I can't help wondering if the show is running out of talent.

Here's what bothers me and this season's contestants:

  • "Talent" that isn't a talent: take the contestant Horse (photo, center), whose "talent" is getting repeatedly hit in the crotch. And I'd argue that the real talent at Olate Dogs lies with the dogs, not their trainers.
  • Contestants who have already appeared on Got Talent: acrobats Donovan & Rebecca debuted their act on Britain's Got Talent, while cloggers All That! appeared on Season One of America's Got Talent where they finished in the Top 3! I'm fine if people audition more than once, but shouldn't you be precluded from doing so if you made it into a previous season's finale?
  • Talent that isn't "America's": Surely there's enough talent in the U.S. that AGT producers don't need to recruit performers who hail from other countries. And how can you be both Britain's and America's talent?
  • Business as "talent": All Wheel Sports is a company, Inspire the Fire is a non-profit organization.
  • Professionals as undiscovered talent: Many of AGT 7's competitors have spent decades perfecting their craft and rising in their professional fields. For example, comedian Tom Cotter has his own series, Two Funny on the Woman's Entertainment Network. How successful can someone be and still compete on America's Got Talent?

Of course, not all of the contestants on America's Got Talent Season Seven are hampered by these issues.

I just don't understand why any of them need be. I know there is enough talent out there in our country to fill the spots of reality talent competitions for decades to come. But sometimes it doesn't feel like we are really seeing the cream of the crop on these shows. And I wonder why.

What do you think?

Photo of Horse (center), an AGT contestant whose talent is being hit in the groin. NBC.


July 10, 2012 at 6:47 pm
(1) john says:

How the hell did BIG BARRY get through. Three words ; He’s a jew. My dog can sing better than him.

July 10, 2012 at 7:29 pm
(2) caevenich says:

AGT has stunk the last few years where did the winners go? I believe the million dollar prize is issued for 20 years…where are the Vegas Shows?..in 2010 Prince Poppycock who wasnanVeegas show on steroids is voted out for some singer? Where are they?

Also the addition of Howard Sterm a big mistake…he has such a history, he dwarfs Howie and Sharon who I prefer to hear from….Piers and current judges were great together

This year the talent is OK. I hate when you bring in ringers fom YouTube like that little freakish singer Jackie Evanko and screw all the other talent who was there from the beginning…

This year the show is montage laden…not seeing groups fully perform, u need to:

Fire Howard
Fire the producer/director
Replace with ajudge that compliments Sharon, Howie or get 3 new younger judges
Get talent
Eliminate You Tube
No singers/unless act involved

July 10, 2012 at 7:57 pm
(3) Steve says:

How can you say fire Howard you numbskull ? Howie and Sharon put through Big Barry! Howard is by far the best judge, he’s honest with hurting feeling too badly, and he brings a sense of humor to the show that has greatly been lacking! Howie voices the opinion of the village idiot, and Sharon can’t say a negative word about anyone. You are just clearly not a Stern fan, and have let your dislike for him affect your already poor judgement.

July 11, 2012 at 11:48 pm
(4) peggy king says:

Professionals like Tom Cotter should not be allowed to compete against everyday people.
I have seen him on Leno and Next Comic Standing. its not fair

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