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Diane Anderson-Minshall

Bravo's 'Project LA' Casting Calls For 'Elite Heartthrobs'

By November 29, 2012

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Project Los Angeles, a new Bravo reality show, is seeking cast members who are all that and a bag of chips, or as the casting call puts it, "the most beautiful, confident, elite heartthrobs...instantly adored, superhot, proto-superstar[s]."

This is why I will probably never be on a reality TV show.

First, as a writer/editor I object to people--even TV show recruiters--randomly combining words like "super" and "hot" or making up words like "proto-superstar."

Second, there seems to be nothing more to this show than the cast members' beauty and "superhottness." Maybe I'm in a minority here, but I still value what people do more than what they look like.

Third, while I'm all for self promotion, I don't understand how anyone can (at least straight faced), call themselves an "instantly adored, elite heartthrob." (Not just a heartthrob, an elite heartthrob...wait, what is an elite heartthrob?)

When does "confident" become "egotistical?" Or is there no such thing as being overly full of oneself in the reality TV world? Maybe its only those who assert a superstar status that fails to come across on screen that we will call out for arrogance. Otherwise, maybe they are just telling the truth.

Okay, I admit it, I'm envious. What must their childhoods have been like that they grew up able to think so highly of themselves? Where did they get their overconfidence and how can I get a shot of it?

If you are one of those lucky enough to be beautiful, "superhot" and an elite heartthrob and you live in Los Angeles County, are at least 21-years-old,  are willing to answer invasive personal questions and sign up four of your friends to be on the show with you,  Project Los Angeles may just be for you. Find out more and link to the application form here.

For reality viewers, before you discount Project LA, don't forget it is from Bravo, the network who also turned Real Housewives into must-see TV. Check in with me in 12 months, the show currently known as Project Los Angeles may just have become my favorite guilty pleasure.

Or not.


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