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Diane Anderson-Minshall

'Dance Moms' Off Screen Drama

By February 25, 2013

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Dance Moms logo featuring Abby Lee Miller

Kelly Hyland and Christi Lukasiak, two of the most vocal moms from Dance Moms, had a fight last episode, which lead to a series of exchanged F-bombs and some authentic-looking expressions of emotional pain.

The two women have been allies on the show, often joining together to fight with Abby Lee Miller--the dance guru who rules the Lifetime reality show and the Abby Lee Dance Company--who the moms frequently accuse of being unfair to their children.

But last week, all their rage turned on each other instead. After Christi's daughter Chloe messed up during a dance competition, Christi walked out in a huff--before Abby could denigrate the performance. For that, Abby retaliated by suspending Chloe from the dance troupe for a week.

On the show, Kelly said she called to console Christi; the overwhelmed Christi insisted that Kelly had not. That's what the argument boiled down to--at least in the clips that were aired.

But after the episode with their fight aired last week, Kelly took to Twitter to clarify the situation with a series of accusatory tweets :

  • "A real friend would not use a lie to make herself look good in a fight." Kelly wrote.
  • "Once again, noone sat in that parking lot for my kids. This is edited TV." Kelly tweeted later.
  • "Christi, u did not stick up for me or my kids...you and all the moms sat in the parking lot for more $$$$ it had nothing to do with my kids."

Kelly was apparently referring to the drama that dominated the premiere of Season Three, when Kelly pulled her two daughters, Brooke and Paige from the show over what she perceived as their mistreatment--and then was banned from returning. (Paige was allowed to return in Episode 4 but Brooke wasn't until Episode 7.) Meanwhile the other moms stayed away for the first two weeks, supposedly in support of Kelly, but maybe more as a ploy to improve their own salaries.

After the off-screen drama of last week, there's no telling what tomorrow's episode will bring (but, rumor has it that the episode features one of my favorite moms, Kaya, the ousted lesbian who the other moms nicknamed "Black Patsy" and whose appeal to Holly Frazier, "as a sister," caused the Dance Mom to angrily retort, "Do not refer to me by my ethnicity and make me a poster child for whatever.").

I'm also eager to find out the whole truth to this story, especially whether the moms were protesting for more money or for Kelly's kids to be returned to the team. If it was really the former, rather than the latter, and Dance Mom producers edited it to appear otherwise, I'll be disappointed.

I prefer when the manipulations happen on screen, not behind the scenes.

Dance Moms airs Tuesdays on Lifetime at 9/8 PM Central.

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February 27, 2013 at 2:25 am
(1) rarinsharin says:

the moms did not name niciyas mother,” black patsy”, the first time she came in to abbys studio, she had on jacket, styled after the girls in the movie grease, that had “”Black Patsy” written in cursive hand writing already on it!
they did not give her this nick name. you dont want to start anything racial with them, they have enough crap going on, in dealing with this wack a doodle. lol
they even asked her what she would like to be called.
too bad this woman is so abrasive.
tonight she said the dance moms act rude because they have money, they act rude to her, because she is so intolerable to be around.
she is LOUD and negative.
there is just nothing to like about her, too bad, I thought her daughter would have been a good addition to the other girls.
I get the feeling patsy doesnt get along with anyone.
shes giving lesbians, and black lesbians at that a bad name.
she needs to check that attitude.
just sayin…….

February 28, 2013 at 4:03 am
(2) Joyce says:

How sad is it to see the daughter of black patsy caught up in her mothers lack of common sense. Patsy is an extremely negative person who tries to intimidate those she can’t control. What type of mother would embarass themselves as well as their family on NATIONAL TELEVISION? The judges were completely within their rights to disqualify her from the competition in St. Louis. My heart breaks for her daughter because at the end of the day she’s the one getting the short end of the stick. Unfortunately she’s at an exttremely impressionable age and is being led to believe what her mom is doing is right. Everyone in black patsy’s life are probably second guessing saying anything to her for fear she’ll embarass them as well. You see she has never been one to practice THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK

July 17, 2013 at 1:56 am
(3) Sarah says:

The producer of dance moms (the guy you see on all the talk shows with the women) has me sick to my stomach. I always felt like he was a good family type man but seeing him interact with christy and Kelly on this last meet up show speaks otherwise. He let the moms dog Melissa and abbey and maddie while laughing. Made remarks about liking Christie’s body in a tight dress. He obviously only has the well being of a select few.I think because all the moms pick on Melissa she’s my favorite. Maddie is the sweetest little girl in real life. This show is starting to make me mad. Can we see christy and Kelly be humiliated and nobody be there to take there side? There is always a handful of people there to have there back but never for abbey and Melissa and her kids. It’s not Melissa’s fault the other moms care more about there own fame.

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