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10 Things We'll Miss About Sanjaya Malakar

Here are ten things we'll miss about Sanjaya Malakar on American Idol:

1. The hair

From the flat-ironed styles to the ponyhawk, Sanjaya's hair gave us something to look forward to every week.

2. The smiles

Underneath those big (sometimes creepy) smiles during judging, we wondered if Sanjaya was really crying inside.

3. The celebrity praise

Despite being bashed by the judges, Sanjaya managed to get wonderful compliments from almost all of the celebrity mentors. Maybe they saw something in Sanjaya that most of America didn't see.

4. The judges' comments

It was fun to watch Randy, Simon, and Paula struggle to come up with something new to say to Sanjaya every week -- and it amused us even more when they were left speechless.

5. The hula dancing

We only got to see Sanjaya dance the hula once, but the moment is etched in our memory! Will we ever see Sanjaya hula again?

6. The jokes

We got weekly laughs watching TV shows making fun of the Sanjaya controversy. The Soup even played a special Sanjaya sound effect whenever his name was mentioned. Too funny!

7. The news discussions

Sanjaya making headlines on CNN? What's the world coming to?

8. The crying girl in pigtails

We were hoping the crying girl would make another appearance on the show to shed more tears for Sanjaya.

9. The hunger strikes and other publicity stunts.

One woman went on a hunger strike because Sanjaya was still on the show. Votefortheworst.com and Howard Stern made news when they campaigned to keep him on the show. We guess it's time for these guys to refocus!

10. The kid behind the jokes

Despite all the controversy he caused, Sanjaya seems like a nice kid. We wish him luck!
Thursday April 19, 2007 | comments (2)

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