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Meet The Contenders
Photos and short bios for Contender boxers Anthony Bonsante, Jesse Brinkley, Brent Cooper, Juan De La Rosa, Miguel Espino, Jeff Fraza, Joey Gilbert, Alfonso Gomez, Ahmed Kaddour, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jimmy Lang, Peter Manfredo, Sergio Mora, Jonathan Reid, Tarick Salmaci, Ishe Smith and Najai Turpin.

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Juan De Larosa
Juan De Larosa

With the help of his father and little brother, Juan started boxing at age 8 in San Alamito, Texas. After boxing for only 10 years, Juan has earned a 14-0-1 record and is undefeated in twelve pro-fights. Juan is the youngest of all the contestants at age 18 and hopes to fight for another 5 years in order to pay for a college education.

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