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American Idol Judges

Learn more about the celebrities who have judged American Idol over the years--from the original trio of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson to reigning judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson. Here are bios of the Idol judges.

'American Idol' Judge: Paula Abdul
Get the facts about Paula Adbul.

'American Idol' Judge: Randy Jackson
Get the facts about Randy Jackson.

'American Idol' Judge Randy Jackson Leaving the Show
American Idol judge Randy Jackson, the last member of the original Idol judges panel remaining on the singing competition, has announced that he will not return after Season 12.

Have Your Say: Which Celebrity Should Judge American Idol?
Which celebrity should judge American Idol? Let us know who you would like to see judge American Idol.

'American Idol' Judges--Who is Replacing Who?
American Idol judge Nicki Minaj is leaving and will be replaced by former Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson. Reportedly some other Idol stars have been approached to join the Idol judges panel. Find out more. `

'American Idol' Judge: Simon Cowell
Get the facts about Simon Cowell.

'American Idol' Judges Address the Mariah Carey / Nicki Minaj Feud
American Idol judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj talked about their feud and made nice--sort of.

'American Idol' Guest Judges
American Idol has lined up an interesting mix of guest judges to replace Paula Abdul during season nine auditions. From Mary J. Blige to Joe Jonas, let's take a look at each guest judge and examine what they bring to the judge's table.

All About Simon Cowell
Highlights from American Idol judge Simon Cowell's bio.

Sign Simon Cowell's American Idol Yearbook
Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol! What would you like to say to the snarky judge? Sign his yearbook here.

Five Reasons We Love Steven Tyler On 'American Idol'
Can he replace Simon Cowell? Does he have the personality for Idol? Will he ruin his rock star rep? Well, after Steven made his debut on Thursday, January 20, it's safe to say the Aerosmith rocker doesn't need to replace Simon or any one else. His personality stands on his own and we think his rock star rep will be just fine. Here are the...

American Idol Poll -- You Judge the Judges
Weigh in on Simon, Paula, and Randy.

All About American Idol Judge Randy Jackson (Highlights From Randy's Bio)
Learn more about Randy Jackson, a judge on American Idol. Highlights from Randy Jackson's bio.

American Idol Isn't Enough for Simon Cowell
It seems Simon Cowell wants to take over the world -- or at least the world of competition reality TV. The popular "American Idol" judge has been busy selling new shows that do not include his AI sidekicks Randy and Paula.

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