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Canceled Reality TV Shows (A-C)

Learn more about canceled reality TV shows and those no longer on the air. This is a subset of the canceled shows with titles that start with A, B or C.
  1. Age of Love (3)
  2. American Band (1)
  3. Armed and Famous (3)
  4. Being Bobby Brown (2)
  5. Britney and Kevin: Chaotic (3)
  6. Armed and Famous
  7. Celebrity Circus (1)
  8. Average Joe (3)
  9. Celebrity Duets (3)
  10. Cheyenne Reality Show (0)
  11. The Contender (14)
  12. Crowned (2)
  13. The Cut (3)

Age of Love
The reality show Age of Love is profiled here. Read about NBC's Age of Love, starring Mark Philippoussis.

Brody Jenner Will Look for 'Bromance'
Paris Hilton isn't the only star who wants to find friendship on reality TV. According to Variety, contestants will also compete to become the pal of semi-celeb Brody Jenner on the new MTV series Bromance, produced by Ryan Seacrest.

'Bromance' on MTV
Learn about the reality show Bromance and Brody Jenner, the star of Bromance.

Buzzin' -- All About MTV Reality Show Buzzin'
Learn about Buzzin,' the MTV reality show starring Shwayze. What's Buzzin' about?

College Hill : All About the Reality Show College Hill
Learn about College Hill, the BET reality show. What is College Hill about?

Baldwin Hills -- All About the Reality Show Baldwin Hills
Learn about Baldwin Hills, a BET reality show. What is Baldwin Hills about?

Checking In With The Cast of College Hill
We catch up with Krystal, JT, Vanessa, Andres, and Willie of College Hill: Virgin Islands. Find out what the College Hill cast had to say.

'All the Right Moves' Nick Lazzarini Interview
All the Right Moves cast member Nick Lazzarini talks about So You Think You Can Dance, his new dance company Shaping Sound, being bullied as a gay youth and how it feels to be in Travis Wall's shadow.

'All The Right Moves' Cast
'All the Right Moves' follows the founding of Travis Wall's new dance company Shaping Sound, which he starts with his friends Teddy Forance, Kyle Robinson and So You Think You Can Dance winner Nick Lazzarini.

The Cast of 'Buckwild'
Buckwild is like a redneck Jersey Shore. Meet the cast of MTV's Buckwild in this photo gallery.

BuckWild Coming January 2013
BuckWild is like Jersey Shore set in the Appalachian Mountains. Learn more about BuckWild and other shows premiering in January 2013.

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