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Was Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Announcement Worth a Half Million Dollars?

What Would US Weekly Have Paid For Exclusive Rights?


When Kayne West impulsively announced Kim Kardashian's pregnancy, he may have pissed off US Weekly and the baby grandma (Kim's mom Kris Jenner) and cost the Kardashians a hefty payday.

US Weekly has fostered a close relationship with the Kardashian family, and has been rewarded for their investment (millions of dollars over the years) with many Kardashian exclusives.

In fact, a Us Weekly insider reportedly told The New York Daily News that the magazine recently paid $200,000 for exclusive photos and an interview with Kim's sister Kourtney Kardashian about her weight loss after the birth of her daughter.

The same insider said, ""Sometimes the baby announcement sells more than the baby pics," and suggested that Kris Jenner expected up to a half a million dollars for exclusive rights to the baby announcement, but West spoiled the potential payday by making the proclamation and giving away the information for free.

Another insider said any payment for the baby announcement would have been much lower, as little as $100,000.

Either way, Jenner and US Weekly are both reportedly pissed over potentially losing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The first insider allegedly told The New York Daily News, that the US staff was "livid."

"After all the press they've given the girls, they're furious. Clearly Kris knew about this. She negotiated Kourtney's deal with them. They've given the family millions over the years for exclusives; they expected at least the first tip."

Everyone agrees that Jenner keeps tight control over the family's image and prefers to get compensated financially for press coverage. For example, Jenner reportedly negotiated a $15 million payday for the exclusive rights to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Wedding (a four-hour, 2-part special aired on E!).

Meanwhile, Kanye West has shown himself to be the kind of person who blurts out information without conferring with the Kardashian-Jenner clan or thinking about the consequences of, say, publicly calling Kim a "perfect b*tch."

Only time will tell, but it seems like those two personalities will continue to butt heads over how to share information.

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