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'Real World Portland'--Meet The Cast of 'Real World 28'


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'Real World Portland'
The cast of 'Real World Porltand'

For the 28th season of its venerable reality series, The Real World, MTV has turned to Portland, Oregon a city known for embracing green living, bike riding, food carts, DIY crafts, punk rock, strip clubs and its unique residents.

When Real World Portland premieres Wednesday, March 27 at 10PM Eastern/Pacific, eight strangers will move into a house in Portland's trendy Pearl District. In addition to the usual roommate bed hopping, conflicts and secrets; MTV promises this season will feature a cast member leaving early and another housemate, who they hint is "quite possibly the most outrageous in Real World history" and reportedly uses "psychological and sexual warfare" against a fellow cast member.

Meet the housemates of Real World Portland in this photo album with bios.

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