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Realty Show Contestants Think They Are Wooing Prince Harry

Fox's 'I Wanna Marry Harrry' A Modern 'Joe Millionaire'



'I Wanna Marry Harry' star Matthew Hicks


Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that Fox has taped a new reality series that tricks bachelorettes into thinking that they are competing for the heart of England's Prince Harry.

Rumors had circulated about the show but many originally believed the reports to be a hoax--until now.

Fox has confirmed that their new show,  I Wanna Marry “Harry” features twelve American bachelorettes who have been taken to England and led to believe the bachelor they are courting is Prince Charles' son and Prince William’s younger brother.

But in reality, the show's contestants aren't vying for the heart of a ginger-haired Royal, but ”an average English bloke,” Matthew Hicks, who had been the lucky receipient of “an upper crust makeover” in order for Fox to perpetrate the farce.

The deception makes I Wanna Marry Harry similar to Fox’s Joe Millionaire, the hit 2003 reality dating competition that led contestants to believe Evan Marriott had inherited a million dollars instead of being the "regular Joe" construction worker he really was. The twist, which set the show apart from The Bachelor  was uncovered while the show was still airing, but it wasn't revealed to the contestants until the season finale.

After learning the truth about the supposed millionaire, the final Joe Millionaire bachelorette agreed to continue dating Evan anyway. Doing so unveiled another twist: as the couple was surprised with the presentation of a million dollar check. The couple immediately broke up, much like many of the Bachelor and Bachelorette couples (remember Matt and Shayne or Jillian and Ed?) in the on-going daisy chain of heartbreak.

But at least Marriott and his girl were still able to walk away with $500,000 each, more than can be said for many reality TV couples.

The similarities between the reality dating competitions Joe Millionaire and I Wanna Marry Harry  aren't all that surprising, given that both initially developed by former Fox executive Mike Darnell.

I Wanna Marry Harry premieres on Fox, Tuesday, May 27 at 8 PM Eastern. 

Hopefully it will be engaging, even though it just sounds like another show proving that the executives at Fox think American women are idiots.

Then again, maybe these women are ignorant and deserve to be tricked if they are naive enough to think a member of the British Royal Family--even one who isn't in line for the throne--would be willing to a) lower himself to appearing on a reality show b) choose his bride (or even his girlfriend) via a competition or c) marry an American.

It may not be the 1930s and Prince Harry is no King Edward VIII who had to abdicate the throne in order to marry the woman he loved, but the British would still be up in arms if one of their Monarchs married an American.

Plus, can they really not tell this guy isn't the Prince?



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