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'Duck Dynasty' 101--All About the A&E Rags-to-Riches Reality Show


The Cast Of 'Duck Dynasty' Visits 'Fox And Friends'
Laura Cavanaugh/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What is 'Duck Dynasty'?:

Duck Dynasty is a reality show on A&E that premiered March 21, 2012. Duck Dynasty is a documentary style show that follows the Robertsons, a family of self-described "rednecks" who live in the backwoods of a Louisiana bayou and have transformed a small business creating duck hunting calls into a multimillion dollar enterprise.

What is 'Duck Dynasty' About?:

Duck Dynasty is about the Robertsons' commitment to retaining their heritage and family values despite their rags-to-riches story. The family continues to live and hunt in the bayou as they have for generations.

Duck Dynasty follows the Robertsons at work, showing the inner-workings and unexpected challenges of the Duck Commander enterprise; and off-hours as they deal with everyday struggles like dating teenagers, high school reunions and tractor races.

Who Are the Stars of 'Duck Dynasty'?:

Duck Dynasty stars the Robertson family from the backwoods of Monroe, Louisiana; along with several of their employees and neighbors:

  • Phillip Alexander "Phil" Robertson (born April 24, 1946): The patriarch of the family, Phil is married to Kay and the two have four boys. Phil invented the Duck Commander duck call in 1972 and started his company a year later. His duck hunting skills and business success have made him a Louisiana and hunting legend.
  • Kay "Miss Kay" Robertson: Phil's wife is the mother of Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep. An avid cook, Miss Kay usually invites the entire Robertson clan to home-cooked dinners after work.
  • Willie Jess Robertson (born April 22, 1972): Son of Phil and Miss Kay, Willie is the chief executive officer of Duck Commander. He got a business degree from Harding University and has used that knowledge to transform Duck Commander from a family business into a multi-million dollar empire. Willie is married to Korie, and the couple has have five children.
  • Korie Robertson: Willie's wife, Korie, is also his business partner and she serves as the office manager of Duck Commander. She's mother to Willie's five children: John Luke, Sadie, Will and Bella; and to her foster daughter, Rebecca.
  • Jason Silus "Jase" Robertson: Willie's brother, Jase, heads the manufacturing department of Duck Commander and--along with other skilled employees--tunes each duck call by hand.
  • Missy Robertson: Jase's wife, Missy, works with Korie, Jessica and Miss Kay on expanding the Duck Commander women's line.
  • Jules Jeptha "Jep" Robertson: Phil and Miss Kay's youngest son, Jep films and edits DVDs of the Robertson family hunting. He is married to Jessica and has four kids: Lily, Merritt, Priscilla, and River.
  • Jessica Robertson: Jep's wife, Jessica also helps the other wives with the Duck Commander women's line.
  • Silus Merritt "Si" Robertson Phil's younger brother Si is a Vietnam war veteran who makes the reeds that go into Duck Commander's calls.
  • Justin Martin and John Godwin are employees of Duck Commander who aren't officially part of the family but often appear on the show.
  • Mountain Man: A neighbor of the Robertsons, Mountain Man is a repairer of air conditioners and has his own radio talk show.

The 'Duck Dynasty' Family Reality Credentials:

Before coming to A&E, the Robertsons starred on the Outdoor Channel's Benelli Presents Duck Commander and its spin-off Buck Commander. Sponsored by Benelli Firearms, these shows--like many on the Outdoor Channel--focused on the family's hunting skills.

Who Produces 'Duck Dynasty'?:

Duck Dynasty is produced by Gurney Productions and A&E Network. It is executive produced by Scott Gurney, Deirdre Gurney, David McKillop, Elaine Frontain Bryant and Lily Neumeyer.

When Does 'Duck Dynasty' Air?:

Duck Dynasty airs Wednesday nights on A&E 7/6PM Central. The first full season of Duck Dynasty ran between March 21 and May 23 2012. The second season premiered October 10th and ended December 5th, 2012.

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