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'Dance Moms' Stars--Meet the Dancers and Their Moms


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Holly Hatcher-Frazier of 'Dance Moms'
Holly of Dance Moms

Holly Hatcher-Frazier is the mother of Nia. Holly has a PhD and worked in education for 20 years, eventually becoming a middle school principal, before she left to focus on Dance Moms.

Growing up in Bronx, New York, Holly danced as a child with Vicki Sheer. When she attended the prestigious Williams College, Holly was a member of Kusika, the school's African dance company.

On Dance Moms Holly has complained about Nia being assigned ethnic dances. Demonstrating that class trumps race, in Season Two when Kaya (temporarily) joined the moms Holly was just as mean as the others. When Kaya appealed to Holly, “as a sister,” Holly angrily retorted, "Do not refer to me by my ethnicity and make me a poster child for whatever."

On Season Three, Holly has a fight with Abby where she calls the dance instructor a "monstrosity of evil."

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