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'Dance Moms' Stars--Meet the Dancers and Their Moms


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Chloe Lukasiak of 'Dance Moms'
Chloe Lukasiak

Chloe Lukasiak was born May 25, 2001. Her mom is Christi Lukasiak.

Chloe has said she wants to be a Rockette and appear in dance movies or become a pediatrician when she grows up.

On Dance Moms Chloe is frequently in the middle but has landed on top several times. Until Sophia Lucia joined the team in Season Three, Chloe was considered Maddie Ziegler's biggest competition. Chloe's mom Christi often accuses Abby of unfairly favoring Maddie over Chloe.

In Season Three, when Chloe messed up at a competition, Christi and she left and were punished by being suspended for a week.

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