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All About 'Jersey Shore'


Ever since MTV's Jersey Shore premiered in 2009, the hit reality series has garnered nearly as much controversy as rabid fan followers. The reality show follows the antics of a cast of young Italian-Americans from New Jersey, who spend their time getting tans, working-out, hooking up and partying.

Here's your guide to Jersey Shore:

  1. 'Jersey Shore' 101
  2. It's All About Snooki
  3. Test Your 'Jersey Shore' Knowledge

'Jersey Shore' 101

Cast of Jersey Shore

MTV's reality show, Jersey Shore is one of the most polarizing reality shows of all times. Its portrayal of a group of young New Jersey Italian-Americans is as addictive as it is controversial. Jersey Shore's stars are obsessed with tanning, partying, hooking-up and working out; and it turns out they're fun to watch. At least for one more season.

It's All About Snooki

Jersey Shore's Snooki

Since Jersey Shore premiered, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has been the lightning rod for controversy. When Snooki is around even a college appearce can become controversial, like when she was paid $32,000 to speak at Rutgers University and offered the advice, "Study hard, but party harder."

Learn more about Snooki here.

Test Your 'Jersey Shore' Knowledge

How well do you know Jersey Shore? Do you know what GTL stands for? Do you remember every episode of Season One? Do you know The Situation's real name? Are you a die-hard fan or is Jersey Shore your guilty pleasure? Find out in these quizzes:

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