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'The Sisterhood'--The Cast of TLC's Preachers' Wives Show


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Domonique Scott of TLC's 'The Sisterhood'
Domonique Scott of TLC's 'The Sisterhood'

Domonique Scott (born April 1, 1967): Married to Pastor Brian D. Scott, Dominque Scott was also a Pastor at the couple's Good Life International Church (which, according to Christian News Network, closed in the fall of 2012).

A high school drop-out, Dominique later complete her GED and went back to school, getting a Master Degree in Business and pursuing a Doctrine in Christian Counseling. Dominque and Brain are the parents of four children: Jermicheal, Emmanuel, Brandy LaJoy, and TaylorJustice Lovejoy.

In one early episode of Sisterhood, Domonique points out the place she first smoked crack cocaine.

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