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'Project Runway All Stars' Season Two Designers

Meet the Contestants from 'PRAS' 2


Project Runway All Stars returns for a second season with more former Project Runway designers returning for a shot at redemption...and chance to win the biggest prize package in Runway history.

Returning contestants include former fan favorites, several runner-ups, the usual "colorful" personalities and Project Runway's original villian, the evil queen Wendy Pepper.

The winner of Project Runway All Stars Season Two will win $150,000 cash plus a Brother Sewing and Embroidery studio, an all-expenses-paid trip to attend fashion weeks around the world and a technology suite/office space from HP and Intel. As part of Marie Claire magazine's package with the show (Editor-in-Chief Joanna Coles serves as mentor on PRAS), the winner will also receive a fashion spread in the publication and the year-long position of Contributing Editor.

Project Runway All Stars premieres October 25th, 2012 and airs Thursdays on Lifetime at 9/8PM Central.

1. Althea Harper

Althea Harper

Althea Harper is a 28-year-old designer from New Haven, Connecticut. She competed on the sixth season of Project Runway, when she impressed judges with a paper-bag-waist skirt and jacket.

Since leaving Project Runway Althea worked as a designer for Tory Burch, dressed the Kardashians and launched her own line, Althea Harper.

She also has a line of organic jerseys, Sittella, is creative designer at Quincy and is starting a work-out clothing line. Althea is now married and says fans would be surprised to learn she's a "secret anime nerd" and huge sports fan.

Vote for Althea to be this season's Fan Favorite by using the hash-tag #TeamAlthea on Twitter.

2. Andrae Gonzalo

Andrae Gonzalo of Project Runway All Stars Season 2

Andrae Gonzalo is now a 39-year-old designer living in New York City. He competed on Project Runway Season Two and--in addition to his emotional breakdowns on the runway--says he's most remembered for his dress that "was inspired by some filthy New York City gutter water."

Since 2006, Andrae says things have been up and down, "there have been some insane highs as well as some abysmal lows." In particular he says he was hired a number of times by companies who wanted to profit off his Project Runway connection, and promptly fired him when they didn't see an immediate pay off.

On the other hand, he says positive experiences in the past six years include: working in theater, supporting gender equality and environmental preservation, meeting Debra Messing, moving from Los Angeles to New York and establishing his own design firm.

Vote for Andrae to be this season's Fan Favorite by using the Twitter hash-tag #TeamAndrae.

3. Anthony Ryan Auld

Anthony Ryan Auld of Project Runway All Stars Season 2

Anthony Ryan Auld is now a 29-year-old designer living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He competed on Project Runway Season Nine, where he was eliminated just short the top five.

Anthony Ryan is most remembered for his bird seed dress--and for saving fellow contestant Anya Ayoung-Chee (who went on to win the season) from an early elimination. When Anya lost her fabric money, the southern gentleman stepped up and gave her some of his.

Since Project Runway, Anthony Ryan has founded the Baton Rouge Fashion Week and started a nonprofit foundation, ROCKONE1, to benefit cancer victims. Not bad for less than 12 months! Vote for Anthony Ryan to be this season's Fan Favorite by using the Twitter hash-tag #TeamAnthonyRyan.

4. Casanova

Casanova of Project Runway All Stars Season 2

Casanova is now a 36-year-old designer who lives in New York City. He competed on Project Runway Season Eight, and is most remembered for his romantic name, his thick Puerto Rican accent and his frequent use of the word, "Exactly."

Since his 2010 Project Runway appearance Casanova has become a bag designer, because, he says, "I'm lazy. I don't have to make any sizes, and it's easy for customers to buy online at casanovanyc.com."

Casanova also works as an assistant for fellow Project Runway All Stars contestant Ivy Higa and has had a television show in Miami on the Spanish-language channel, Telemundo.

Vote Casanova as Fan Favorite by tweeting with the hash-tag #TeamCasanova.

5. Emilio Sosa

Emilio Sosa of Project Runway All Stars

Emilio Sosa is now a 46-year-old designer living in New York City. He made it to the Season Seven finale of Project Runway but lost out to Seth Aaron Henderson.

This year, Emilio has been nominated for a Tony Award for his work on The Gershwins' Porgy and Bess and he showed a collection at New York Fashion Week, which will be sold online.

To choose Emilio as your fan favorite, use the Twitter hash-tag #TeamEmilio.

6. Ivy Higa

Ivy Higa of Project Runway All Stars Season 2

Ivy Higa is now 32-years-old and living in New York City. She was on Project Runway Season Eight, where her clean, modern designs were often overshadowed by her conflict with fellow designer Micheal Costello (who later appeared on Project Runway All Stars Season One and made it into the top three.

Since then, Ivy says she has apologized for how she "handled the situation," but insists she's "not sorry for what I said."

After Project Runway, Ivy designed a dress for Lifetime's president, Nancy Dubuc, to wear to the Primetime Emmys; she worked with designers like Zac Posen and Diane von Furstenberg; dressed celebrity clients, employed Casanova and launched her own label (which donates part of its profits to create job opportunities for women who are survivors of sex trafficking).

Ivy says she works between 50- and 100-hours a week depending on the season and how involved she is with her own brand. While she has worked hard to "earn everything I've been given," Ivy says it's important to her to help "empower and rebuild hope" for more disadvantaged women.

Pick Ivy as Fan Favorite by tweeting her hash-tag #TeamIvy.

7. Joshua McKinley

Joshua McKinley of Project Runway All Starst 2

Joshua McKinley is now 26-years-old and living in New York City. The Season Nine designer made it to the final four but lost the $100,000 to Anya Chee.

On Project Runway Joshua became known for his addiction to sequins, difficulty editing, hate-filled stares shot at other designers, irritation at the very presence of older contestant Bert Keeter and his bitchy, cutting remarks.

Since the show, Joshua has traveled across the country meeting fans, supporting organizations and showing collections in Baton Rouge Fashion Week, Portland, Oregon's FashioNxt and other fashion shows.

To vote for Joshua as Project Runway All Stars Season Two's Fan Favorite, tweet #TeamJoshua.

8. Kayne Gillaspie

Kayne Gillaspie of Project Runway All Starts

Kayne Gillaspie is a 33-year-old designer from Nashville, Tennessee. He competed on Project Runway in Season Three, when he was known for his gowns and an "infatuation with Swarovski and all that glitters." He was the last designer eliminated before New York Fashion Week.

Kayne has gone on to specialize in beauty pageant gowns: dressing Miss USA and Miss America contestants, serving as creative director for an international prom company, operating his own retail store and appearing on an episode of MTV's reality show, Tiara Girls.

His shoe line is sold in over 40 countries and his Jonathan Kayne dress label is available in 250 stores. In 2013 he introduced Johnathan Kayne for Empire Intimates, his first line made entirely in the USA. (He also launched the dog couture line Kayne9.)

Kayne is openly gay and jokes that the one thing fans would be surprised to learn is, "I have a tattoo and piercing below the waist."

To pick Kayne as the All Stars Season Two Fan Favorite, use the Twitter tag #TeamKanye.

9. Laura Kathleen Planck

Laura Kathleen of Project Runway All Stars Season 2

Laura Kathleen Planck is a 28-year-old designer from St. Louis, Missouri. She was a contestant on Season Nine where she was known for her gowns (including one for a stilts-wearing model).

In the months since Project Runway 9, Laura Kathleen has launched a jewelry line called Love Armour, and is releasing a fine jewelry line in the Fall of 2013.

Laura Kathleen says that fans would be surprised to learn that she founded a fashion design program at a charter school in downtown St. Louis four years ago. "The students design and sew garments that are then modeled by them at an end-of-the-year fashion show. The proceeds go right back to the school. I teach every other day; it's a large part of my life."

To chose Laura Kathleen as this season's Fan Favorite, use the Twitter hash-tag #TeamLauraKathleen.

10. Peach Carr

Peach Carr of Project Runway All Stars 2

Peach Carr is now a 52-year-old designer from Lake Forest, Illinois. She competed on Project Runway Season 8, when she rocked the Military and Lace challenge and became best-friends with fellow designer April Johnson.

Since the show wrapped, Peach has launched a line of tennis clothes that transform into daily wear with a change of shoes. She also has a line of "stretch sequin cocktail attire", Peach Carr Designs, carried in boutiques around the country.

Peach says the thing fans would be surprised to know about her is that she has been battling a rare immune system disease for the past 21 years. There is no cure and she's had to endure numerous abdominal surgeries.

"I am here because of a dedicated team of surgeons, my husband Wayne and a boatload of answered prayers," Peach says now. "I will always be grateful. This made my time on Project Runway a challenge (no pun intended) but also a victory in itself."

Vote for Peach to be this season's Fan Favorite by using the Twitter hash-tag #TeamPeach.

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