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'Storage Wars: New York' Cast

Meet the Stars of the New York Spin off


Storage Wars: New York--a spin-off of A&E's reality show Storage Wars--is set in the tri-state area, and introduces a new group of what A&E calls, "urban explorers in a modern-day treasure hunt."

The show's location will set it apart from the original, which is set in Southern California. A&E promise, the Big Apple "itself is a major character with its wildly different neighborhoods, suburbs, ethnicities, and fashions that influence and impact each auction, purchase, and rivalry that our buyers face."

Storage Wars: New York premieres January 1, 2013 and airs Tuesdays on A&E 10/9PM Central.

Meet the cast: an auctioneer and the buyers who will be competing for the rights to whatever treasures lurk inside New York's unpaid storage units.

Joe "P" Pauletich

Joe P Pauletich of Storage Wars: NY

A self-declared "legend" in the New York auction scene, Joe "P" Pauletich has been in the industry for over two decades. After all that time, the Queens native--who owns a thrift shop called SoHo Treasures--has developed a sixth sense about which units to bid on.

For example, Pauletich told The New York Times, "You have to look, and you see the quality of stuff, how they packed it, where the boxes came from. If it's a dirty person, I'm not so interested. If the people have money and if it was moved professionally, that will be something that I'm more interested in."

Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner

Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner of Storage Wars: New York

Brooklyn hipsters Candy Olsen and Courtney Wagner are relatively new to the storage auction game. They are specifically interested in vintage clothing, which they resell at their C&C Pop-up Shop, a mobile and roaming pop-up store.

Set apart from the other bidders by being women, wearing sophisticated garments and driving a banana-colored van, C&C are willing to go up against the big boys.

Mike Braiotta

Mike Braiotta of Storage Wars: New York

Bronx-native Mike Braiotta considers himself a "storage room day trader" and looks for items he can flip for quick cash. A young family man, Braiotta likes to "bust people's chops" but is seriously gunning to unseat Pauletich from the auction throne.

Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton

Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton of Storage Wars:NY

Chris Morelli and Tad Eaton co-own Hoboken, NJ's vintage store, The Frayed Knot. Considering the way the two bicker, their store name could just as well describe their friendship, which always seems on the verge of unraveling, because of their conflicting personalities.

But Morelli and Eaton can also harness their opposing temperaments--and their skill at restoring furniture--to succeed in the storage wars.

John Luke

John Luke of Storage Wars: New York

Auctioneer John Luke was born in North Harlem and has been speed-talking his way through auctions for more than 20 years. Luke works for D. Strauss Auctioneers & Appraisers, Inc. On Storage Wars: New York, in addition to running the auctions, he serves as a guide to the many storage facilities--and local delicacies--of New York's neighborhoods.

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