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'The Voice' Season Six--Meet The Top 20


The Voice Season Six has come down to the top 20, with the battle rounds concluded (taking with them early favorites like Clarissa Sern and Kaleigh Glaton).

This season is the first where viewers have had a chance to watch the second Battle Round, because it has replaced the Knockout Round. But, even though the top 20 contestants enter the Live Playoffs now, fans won't get a chance to vote for their favorites until the judges (Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Usher) have reduced the field to the Top 12.

Meet the final contestants from each of the four teams and start rooting for your favorites to make into the top twelve.

1. Kristen Merlin

Kristen Merlin of The Voice Season Six

Kristen Merlin has been teased for her tomboy appearance, which is why she felt like The Voice, with its focus on talent over appearances, was her best chance to share her music. She wants to represent anyone who's been judged by how they look and not for who they are. Kristen lives with her girlfriend.

Kristen is on Team Shakira.

Follow her on Twitter at @kristenmerlin.


2. Tess Boyer

Tess Boyer of The Voice Season 6

Tess Boyer could be The Voice Season Six's "most wanted" contestant, having been on nearly every team, starting with Team Usher.

Tess is a former cheerleader for the St. Louis Rams football team and currently works with special needs children while studying pre-law.

Blake stole Tess for his team, only to lose her when he chose Jake Worthington over her. Shakira was eager to swoop in and keep Tess from being eliminated, in fact Shakira raved that Tess is the best female voice in the competition.

Tess is now on Team Shakira.

Follow Tess on Twitter at @tesshannahmusic

3. Deja Hall

Daja Hallof The Voice Season 6

Both of Deja Hall's parents were in the military, which meant the family  moved frequently and never put down roots. The only thing constant in her life was music.

Deja is also a very competitive varsity basketball player and didn't let having only one kidney (and being told frequently to take it easy) make her quit. That tenacity will serve her well on The Voice.

Deja is on Team Shakira.

Follow Deja on Twitter at @dejahallmusic.


4. Dani Moz

Dani Moz of The Voice Season 6

A fan of musical theater, Dani Moz  followed high school with a communications degree and then spent three years at a public relations firm.

Dani performed gigs after work and recently moved from Delmar, New York to Los Angeles to focus on her music.

Dani is on Team Shakira.

Follow Dani on Twitter at @danimozmusic


5. Patrick Thompson

Patrick Thompson of The Voice Season 6

Patrick Thompson grew up in a small town, the son of a folk singer mom. He always had an ear for music and taught himself to play guitar and saxophone. The 35-year-old from Festus, Missouri has often chosen jobs that won't interfere with his playing music and he's currently working as an assistant manager at a mobile phone store. But he's eager to become a full time solo artist.

Patrick is on Team Shakira, after Shakira stole him from Team Adam.

Follow Patrick on Twitter at @pktmusic.


6. Jake Barker

Jake Barker of The Voice Season 6

Jake Barker was focused more on sports than music--at least until a video of him singing on YouTube garnered an enormous response. What could he do? The fans had spoken. So Jake has been focused on music ever since. He even moved to New York to pursue his music dreams and is currently bartending to pay the bills.

Originally on Team Usher, Jake was stolen by Adam Levine after his battle with Stevie Jo.

Jake is now on Team Adam

Follow Jake on Twitter at @IamJakeBarker.


7. Delvin Choice

Delvin Choice of The Voice Season 6

Delvin Choice auditioned for Voice Season 5, but didn't make a team. He spent the past year performing with several bands and playing as many gigs as possible. So far, Delvin's preparation seems to be paying off.

Delvin is on Team Adam

Follow Delvin on Twitter at @drchoice.


8. Christina Grimmie

Christina Grimmie of The Voice Season 6

Like numerous other artists (particularly Justin Beiber), Christina Grimmie got her start on YouTube, where she goes by the handle zeldaxlove64 and now has more than 2 million subscribers. Her YouTube popularity even won her a sweet gig opening for  Selena Gomez. But Christina's hoping The Voice will land her a recording contract and build her off-line  audience.

Follow Christina on Twitter at @TheRealGrimmie.

Christina is on Team Adam

9. Kat Perkins

Kat Perkins of The Voice Season 6

Kat Perkins started a rock band with her former husband. When the marriage ended six months later, the band broke up too. Kat even decided to take a break from music entirely. When she was chosen for The Voice, she was working as a full-time nanny for a family of five. This is the first time Kat has gone solo, but that doesn't seem to be holding her back.

Kat is on Team Adam.

Follow Kat on Twitter at @KatPerkinsMusic.


10. Morgan Wallen

Morgan Wallen of The Voice Season 6

When Morgan Wallen's dreams of playing professional baseball were derailed by a serious elbow injury, it forced him to find another passion. Fortunately, his injured elbow hasn't gotten in the way of his singing.

The Knoxville, Tennessee native says he's on The Voice to inspire others to never give up. But maybe a more appropriate message for Morgan would be to give up on one dream (if you have to), but find another to pursue.

Originally on Team Usher, Morgan was stolen during the final Battle Round and is now on Team Adam.

Follow Morgan on Twitter at @morgancwallen.


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