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February 2013 Reality Premieres--Survivor and Amazing Race Return


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'Survivor: Caramoan'--Season 26 Features Fans vs Favorites
Photo of Survivor: Caramoan Cast

CBS' reality show juggernaut, Survivor returns for a 26th season February 13th. Survivor: Caramoan is once again set in the Philippines, and will also return to the "Fans vs. Favorites" format for a second time.

But this time the "favorites" are not famous returnees from early in the series' run, but more recent players, including at least one who was the first castaway voted off the island, and another Favorite who was a Fan the first time around.

Survivor host Jeff Probst, explained the new direction to Entertainment Weekly, "We realized that we had to make a decision: do we only bring back our oldest iconic stars, or do we begin to birth new stars? And when we sat down with the list and said, 'okay let’s look at the people that we haven’t brought back yet,' we felt like we had a really good group. And it was a bit of a turning point for us to say, 'we’re now going to look at the next generation of Survivor All-Stars.'"

Meet the cast of Survivor: Caramoan, which premieres February, 13, 2013 on CBS at 8/7PM Central.

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