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February 2013 Reality Premieres--Survivor and Amazing Race Return


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Emmy-Award-Winning 'Amazing Race' Returns for 22nd Season
Cast of Amazing Race 22

CBS' award-winning reality competition, The Amazing Race returns for a 22nd Season, February 17th.

Phil Keoghan will once again host The Amazing Race, but the 22nd Season does include some new twists, including that the first team to check in at the first pit stop will earn two "Express Passes." One they will keep, the other they must give to another team.

Amazing Race 22 features the granddaughter of John Wayne, a Daniel Boone descendant, a recently married couple, a former NFL cheerleader, two roller derby girls, twins and a father-son team who both beat cancer.

Amazing Race premieres Sunday, February, 17 2013 on CBS at 8PM Eastern/Pacific.

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