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'American Idol' Guest Judges

What do they bring to the judges' table?


American Idol lined up an interesting mix of guest judges to replace Paula Abdul during season nine auditions. From Mary J. Blige to Joe Jonas, let's take a look at each guest judge and review what they bring to the judge's table.

Victoria Beckham

© Michael Loccisano /Getty Images
Name: Victoria Beckham
Music specialty: Pop
What she brings to the judges' table: Style and buzz! Even though Victoria rose to fame as a member of The Spice Girls, these days the wife of soccer star David Beckham is more famous for being a fashion icon and one-half of the UK's hottest celebrity couple. Tabloids will play close attention when Victoria judges the show.

Mary J. Blige

© Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
Name: Mary J. Blige
Music specialty: R&B
What she brings to the judges' table: The role model factor! Many American Idol contestants have been flattered to be compared to Mary J. Blige (Remember Lil' Rounds?). Now contestants can hear from the musical role model herself!

Joe Jonas

© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Name: Joe Jonas
Music specialty: Pop
What he brings to the judges' table: Heartthrob appeal! With millions of adoring young female fans, Joe adds some heartthrob appeal to the panel. (Sorry Simon, the tight T-shirts weren't doing it.)

Shania Twain

© Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images
Name: Shania Twain
Music specialty: Country
What she brings to the judges' table: Wisdom! With years of experience in the music industry and an impressive amount of hits under her belt, Shania Twain is an ideal choice to share her music knowledge.

Katy Perry

© Amy Graves/Getty Images
Name: Katy Perry
Music specialty: Pop
What she brings to the judges' table: The fresh face factor! Katy is currently one of music's hottest new stars and she knows what it takes to become the next big thing.

Kristin Chenoweth

© Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Name: Kristin Chenoweth
Music specialty: Broadway
What she brings to the judges' table: Laughs! In addition to being a Tony-Award-winning Broadway performer and respected actress, Kristin happens to be quite the funny girl. Kristin is the perfect celeb to lighten the mood at the judges' table.

Neil Patrick Harris

© Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
Name: Neil Patrick Harris
Music specialty: Umm...not applicable.
What he brings to the judges' table: Fan enthusiasm! The beloved TV actor is a huge fan of reality shows including American Idol. Neil will represent the Idol fans watching at home!

Avril Lavigne

© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
Name: Avril Lavigne
Music specialty: Pop, Rock
What she brings to the judges' table: Knowledge and honesty! She might be young, but Avril has years of valuable experience in the music biz. The singer also isn't known for biting her tongue, so we're guessing she will tell it like it is during the Idol auditions.

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