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'America's Next Top Model' Season 20 to Feature Men

For the First Time Male Models Will Compete


America's Next Top Model logo

Following America's Next Top Model's abrupt firing of three central cast members and the subsequent overhaul of the show, Top Model has been renewed for a 20th season--with even more dramatic changes.

For the first time since it premiered in 2003, when ANTM returns for Season Twenty next summer, it will do so with male models.

While the new guy contestants will reportedly join Top Model's girls in both the competition and their house, there is no word yet how the inclusion of men may alter the competition's rules or change the show's challenges (like having the models undergo make-overs and model naked).

The Top Model producers also have yet to announce whether the boys will compete in a separate track or directly with the girls in a format like the British vs American set up of Season Eighteen's "British Invasion."

The other question is whether the introduction of male models will be a one-off gimmick like the "British Invasion" or a permanent change to the format of the show. To find out, tune in next summer. In the meantime, catch the rest of Season Nineteen's "College Edition."

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