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Danielle Evans Interview

My Chat with the America's Next Top Model Winner


Danielle Evans Interview

Photo courtesy of UPN.

L: Congratulations on your win! It must have been such a hard secret for you to keep!
D: Not really because I didn't want to get sued by anybody, so I kept quiet.

L: Your phone must have been ringing off the hook when the episode aired.
D: I was a smart girl and I went and got my number changed, like two days before.

L: I don't blame you. So, how does it feel to be America's Next Top Model?
D: It's like a dream come true. I am so happy that I am in the position that I am in today. I'm a face of Cover Girl...I'm really looking forward to hitting those runways and magazines and everything.

L: It has been one week since it was revealed that you won. How has your life changed in that time?
D: I'm still the same person -- the same girl from the South. But I think now, people know my name. And it's great. The first time someone screamed when they saw me, it just cracked me up. It was so funny to me. It's great.

L: How did you feel about Tyra making a big deal about your accent?
D: It was frustrating, to say the least. I wasn't offered a dialect coach in the house. I didn't understand how I was supposed to overcome it when I didn't have the correct guidance...but I just went home and worked on it a little bit.

L: Some people are saying there are models from other countries doing ad campaigns in America, and nobody says anything about their accents. Do you feel the same way?
D: Yes. I definitely feel the same way. And that's one of the things that I was thinking about when I was constantly being criticized. There are girls from Brazil who have an ad campaign and they speak on commercials and no one thinks badly about them having an accent. It was kind of difficult. I didn't understand if it was because I was from the South and had an accent. I didn't understand that too much.

L: You had the gap in your teeth closed while you were on the show. How do you feel about that now?
D: I'm OK with it. It took a little time getting used to, because I have a smaller gap now. I am kind of glad that I kept it a little bit because I had planned on that being one of my signature trademarks throughout my career.

L: Do you know if you'll be doing any overseas traveling this year?
D: All I know now is that my new home is going to be in New York. I'm really excited. I have about two weeks at home in Little Rock, Arkansas and then I move to New York for good.

L: Do you idolize any of the past Top Model winners?
D: I don't idolize any of them. I plan on being that girl who makes her own statement. Not labeled as Danielle, the Next Top Model winner. I want to be known as Danielle the supermodel. I want to go down my own path.

L: I've seen Eva Pigford doing shows on BET and MTV. She's in Jamie Foxx's video...Would you be interested in that kind of stuff also?
D: I'm looking more toward the high fashion, modeling side. She's doing great. But I don't necessarily want that to be my main path. I can do appearances in places, but I want to be known for the runways and magazines, not for the videos and the appearances.

L: Will you be keeping in touch with the other girls?
D: Definitely. I've come away with some good friendships so I will definitely be keeping in touch with the other girls.

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