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Being Bobby Brown Episode Guide


Being Bobby Brown Episode Guide

Photo and episode descriptions provided by NBC.

Episode 1, June 30, 2005:

After being released from prison in Boston, Bobby spends some quality time with LaPrincia and Bobby Jr., his children from a previous relationship...Bobby heads home to Atlanta and his wife, Whitney, whom he hasn’t seen in over 30 days. The family reunites at an Atlanta hotel where we’re also introduced to Bobbi Kristina, his daughter with Whitney Houston, and Tommy, Bobby’s older brother and manager. Their next stop is Paradise Island in the Bahamas for a relaxing family vacation...

Episode 1, June 30, 2005:

Bobby heads to court to face charges that he assaulted his wife last year and is faced with the possibility that he might be immediately forced to return to jail. Whitney attends the hearing in support of her husband and both are relieved with the judge’s decision to allow him to go free on bail. To celebrate, Bobby decides to treat Whitney with a visit to a spa followed by a romantic evening out on the town.

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