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Reality TV Casting Calls and Applications

Find out how to apply for reality TV shows. Find casting call dates and info below.
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'American Idol' 14 Auditions Begin June 18
How--and why--you can audition for American Idol Season 14. After all, the show's ratings prove Idol won't be around forever. Be a part of the cultural experience before you miss your opportunity.

'American Idol' Introduces Social Media Auditions
'American Idol' Introduces Social Media Auditions. Trying Out For 'American Idol' is now just a Tweet away. There are more ways than ever to become an 'American Idol' contestant

'Amazing Race Canada' Casting Call
How to apply for Amazing Race Canada. Amazing Race Canada is now accepting applications. Here's what you need to know to apply to be on Amazing Race Canada

'Project Los Angeles' Casting Call
Project Los Angeles, a new Bravo reality show is now casting, seeking Los Angeles residents 21 and older who are rising stars capable of becoming America's next obsession.

Amazing Race Ride-Along – The Casting Video
So far, we’ve met Jerome McIlvain and Hilary Avalon and learned why they want to be on The Amazing Race 10. We’ve learned of their application form process and read some of the questions and their answers. Now it’s time for the casting video...

Amazing Race Ride-Along -- The Application
We met Hilary and her teammate-to-be (hopefully), Jerome McIlvain, last week with the Amazing Race Ride-Along – The Beginning. This week we take a look at our friends as they fill out their Amazing Race 10 applications.

How to Become a MTV Reality TV Star
If you want to become an MTV Reality TV star you have to start by responding to a casting call. MTV is casting for a number of new and returning reality shows. Learn what they are looking for and how you can apply.

How You Audition for 'Masterchef'
Are you a home cook who longs to show Hell's Kitchen's Gordon Ramsay that you have what it takes to be a Masterchef? Here's how you audition to be on the cooking competition Masterchef

Top Six Reasons a Family Might Get a Reality Deal – No Balloon Hoax…
Want to land a reality show for your family? We’ve learned from Colorado’s Heene family that bizarre media stunts are NOT the way to go.

While the “balloon boy” drama was a creative attempt at getting a reality show, there are other, less-disturbing ways to get the family a real…

Do You Want to Be on Reality TV? - Which Reality Shows Do You Want to…
Have you ever dreamed of being on reality TV? Did you even work up the courage to apply to a particular show? Even if you have no reality TV aspirations, is there a certain show that you think you might be perfect for? Tell us which reality show is calling your name and why!

My Life Should Be A Reality Show!
Does it feel like your life is a reality show? Pitch a reality show just for fun on our page. Also read about the lives of other reality TV-worthy readers. See submissions

Are These Friends Ready for Reality TV?
Meet Jerome McIlvain and Hilary Avalon. Hilary and Jerome, friends since 1990 when they met in a sign language class, hope to be chosen to compete on season 10 of The Amazing Race. And here at About.com’s Reality TV site, we will tag along on this exciting ride...

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