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Big Brother 10 Recap -- The Season Premiere

Time to meet the houseguests!


Big Brother 10 Recap -- The Season Premiere

The 'Big Brother' houseguests.

Updated July 14, 2008
Recap from contributor Angela Williams:


Thirteen strangers. Fifty-two cameras. Ninety-five mics. No access to the outside world. These people will compete for food, luxury (as yet to be defined), power and the ultimate prize: $500K.

Host Julie Chen introduces the 13 contestants. There is Jerry, the 75 yr old great-grandfather. Renny, self confessed New Orleans socialite. Or hairdresser. Same thing. Ollie is the preacher’s kid that doesn’t drink. He sure likes April’s boobs though. There’s Brian, Memphis and Michelle, which all kind of blend into the background right now. Angie, the newly single “Asian Sensation”. April, who comes across as a bimbo but is a finance manager as an auto dealership. Dan is a Catholic school teacher, and Libra, a Black Republican that left her husband, oldest daughter and 5-month old twins to join the game. Keesha works at Hooters. Yes, a white girl named Keesha. Jesse keeps interviewing that his muscular physique will be a threat to everyone in the house. Even so, he doesn’t try to hide his muscles under clothes or anything. Then there is Steven. He’s the gay rodeo champ that doesn’t want to reveal he is gay just yet. (Learn about the houseguests and see their photos.)

Before entering the house, the players vote blindly for the first Head of Household. The lucky winner isn’t revealed right away though. Afterward they go in and choose their rooms and sit around and introduce themselves. Renny easily comes off as the one in the house that is most annoying. Jesse is a complainer. April invites everyone to feel her boobs to prove they aren’t implants. Ollie salivates as most of the women and Jerry are all too happy to comply.


Julie joins and tells them the first competition will start immediately. One person will need to sit out. Jesse, reminding us AGAIN that he has a threatening physique, volunteers so he won’t ‘intimidate” the other players. Uh huh. The remaining players break into two groups, Red Shirts and White Shirts, and head out back where two VW Beetles are suspended upside down. They are told they will need to jump up into the cars, pull themselves by rope to the other side of the yard and grab gas cans. The team that grabs all of the gas cans first wins food for the week. The losing team gets to eat slop, whatever that is. Also, the last person in the winning car gets their choice between two vintage cars for a prize. The Red Team wins, and Memphis chooses a vintage Chevy. Jesse is allowed to eat since he sat the game out.


Their first night in the house isn’t drama-free. Renny decides to get up in the middle of the night and make weird noises, claiming they are locked in their bedroom. Next door, Jesse is less than thrilled with her antics and loses sleep. He complains, and Renny thinks it is funny that he couldn’t take a joke, since the door wasn’t locked in the first place. Why she wasn’t slapped by one of the other ladies I don’t know, But like I said, it’s only Day 1.


It is revealed that Jerry is the first HOH (Head of Household). He and Brian brainstorm. Or so Jerry thinks. Brian is trying to get on Jerry’s good side. Jerry in genuinely interested in an alliance with Brian. On the other side of the house, Dan, Ollie and Brian have started their own alliance. None of the ladies are hooking up as of yet, but it’s still early in the game. Brian asks Jerry not to put Dan on the chopping block until they get a better feel for him.


Jerry has made his decision. The players assemble at the massive table and each take turns pulling a key out of a block with someone’s name on it. Everyone gets a key except for Jesse and Renny, as it should be. Jerry tells them that he chose the two of them to try to steer clear of early conflict. So, we’ll see on Tuesday who stays and who goes, Jesse or Renny. I kind of want annoying Renny to stay just so she can shake things up. Jesse is too stuck on himself and his physique. Don’t want him to feel like he’s too intimidating or anything. He should be home with like minded individuals in the gym. Thanks for tuning in for episode 1!

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