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Big Brother 10, EpisodeThirteen Recap -- Michelle In Charge


BIG BROTHER: Oh Lawwwwd! Michelle is in charge!

Her pseudo-Boo, Jesse, is gone, and Michelle is on the warpath. April is ticked off because Libra, Keesha and Dan blindsided Jesse, who she had, like, totally promised would be okay. It’s a quiet house to be sure. Except for Michelle clacking around in heels with her leotard on. Keesha and Libra are both psyched beyond belief that they were able to evict Jesse. Even Dan is happy even though America chose his vote. Since Dan knows he’s a target, he hides out in his room, but the crybabies, I mean adults, in the other room, mainly April, Jerry and Michelle, call him out on his religion and make derogatory comments about him losing his cross and burning in hell. They’d better watch it. God don’t like ugly. I wouldn’t stand too close to either one of them for awhile. Memphis, Libra and a few others comment that the religious comments are going too far. It’s just a damn game, after all. Jerry, who blindsided Brian, has the nerve to say that Dan is dead to him for going back on his word. Hope Dan survives another year not being on Jerry’s holiday card list…Then April, who is suddenly BFF’s with Michelle, tells Michelle that Renny was talking about her. This starts a whole ruckus in the house that ends with Jerry calling Libra a dummy and saying she’s next to go. Why Jerry is showing such a mean streak I don’t know, but I’m ready for him to go next. Anyhooooo, we find out that poor Dan did actually struggle with his deceit and took his cross off before the vote. He decides the only way to get back in good graces is to gain some sort of sympathy. Michelle asks Dan why he voted Jesse off after giving his word that he wouldn’t. Unable to tell her he’s America’s Player, he cops to being weak and easily swayed. She curses him for his actions and leaves. Dan smiles at us again. Okay, enough of that…

Everyone gathers to see how the HOH room is decorated for Michelle. April overdoes the praise and gets on everyone’s nerves. Renny is touched by the letter Michelle got from her family. I’m still advising folks to stay at least 10 feet away from Michelle, April and Jerry, lest they be struck by fake lightening…


The living room is now a game show set, and new players, one from each past season, are on hand to compete against the current household members. Each player goes up against one former player. They fed a line in the form of current events, and have to decide whether or not it’s true since they have no access to the outside world or news. They are playing for food vs. slop. In the end, they are on slop for five days, real food for two (thanks to Renny for realizing gas hasn’t quite hit $6…yet…), plus one bonus feast. And now the former players can leave having had their second 15 minutes of fame.


Memphis steals some time with Michelle. He tells her that she should watch her back with Aprollie and Jerry. They would put her up in a heartbeat. He also tells her that he hasn’t aligned with anyone and that Dan hasn’t either. Michelle says she isn’t sure whom to put up yet. Yeah, right. Like we don’t know what she’s thinking after all that screaming and name calling…Renny is next to hit Michelle up with ideas for eviction. She not only reminds Michelle that April was never really Jesse’s friend, but that April has been talking about her the whole game. Michelle seems to be surprised by this.


Well, as if we didn’t see it coming, Michelle nominates Keesha and Libra for eviction. I sincerely hope that one of them can get the POV tonight because I’m ready for Michelle to go home and take Jerry with her. I don’t like ugly either. See you tomorrow with the results of the POV competition!

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