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Big Brother 10 -- April Evicted


Episode Airdate: Thursday, August 21, 2008


It’s day 45 and since Dan didn’t use the Power of Veto, either April or Jerry will be leaving the house. Dan says that one of the nominees offered him money to save him or her from eviction. Michelle feels that if anyone offered money they should be sent home. Jerry says he didn’t do it. Michelle thinks that because April looked surprised when Dan said it, she must be innocent. Regardless, Keesha plans to vote April out. Memphis agrees with her. Aprollie talk about the very real possibility that April could be the one leaving. April whines that she doesn’t know why she was put up for eviction because she doesn’t feel as if she’s offended anyone in the house. She knows she needs three votes to stay, so she and Ollie zero in on Dan for support. As Dan and Ollie play ball, Ollie states April’s case. He tells Dan he isn’t a target, but Dan doesn’t commit either way. Ollie gives him his word that neither he or April would put him up if they won HOH. Next April talks with Dan and offers him money if he’ll keep her around.


Ollie obviously doesn’t want his boo to leave. Michelle says it would not be good to go against the house and vote to evict April, but April would keep her safe. Memphis recognizes that April wants him out of the house, while Jerry is an annoying, old, liar. Julie asks Jerry how he feels still being on slop. He says you do what you have to do. Memphis says if he could bring one player back it would be Brian. Aprollie’s family weighs in. April’s sister is proud of the way she’s played the game so far and also happy for her and Ollie. She isn’t sure if the relationship is real or not, but when Ollie jokingly says “will you marry me?”, April’s sister says that not until he meets her. She says they need to slow down and experience each other outside of the house. Ollie’s parents are also interviewed. His dad says that if Ollie is really in love, good for him. If he is just playing, he’d better watch his back.


Keesha says that April thinks she’s better than everyone else. There will be no love lost if April leaves.


April jokes around with everyone but there is sadness in her eyes. She doesn’t want to leave Ollie. Jerry says his time on the show has been special and he and his wife will have a lot to talk about for a long time to come. He asks them to play with an open mind and says that if he goes to the jury he’ll also play fair and keep an open mind. After they vote, Julie tells April that she has been voted off. When she leaves, of course Ollie is very quiet. April tells Julie that although she and Ollie are serious, he is going to move to Arizona and get his own place near her, not with her, and they will take it slow. During the goodbye messages, Dan says she was a target because of her relationship with Ollie. Of course Ollie says, “Will you be my first girlfriend?” when he gets his turn to speak.


The players sit on small planks suspended in mid-air. It starts to rain. The vines rise up and swing. They even slam into a padded wall. As the players endure the torture that is sure to get worse, America is asked to vote on who should get a phone call from home. Julie also tells us there will be a double eviction next week, but the players don’t know it yet. Tune in on Sunday to find out who the new HOH is!

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