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Big Brother 10 Recap -- Power of Veto after Jerry and Memphis Nominated


Dan feels that by allowing Ollie to nominate Memphis, he’s covered his tracks. In his warped sense of thinking, this means no one will know he and Memphis are The Renegades. Memphis still thinks Dan is an idiot for thinking his “plan” will work. He tells Dan that he’s still pissed about being put out there, but Dan tells him to keep on acting pissed in front of everyone else. Memphis assures him he isn’t acting. Dan confides in Memphis that he’s told Ollie he can pick the nominee if the POV gives it up. He also confides he has no intention of keeping his word. Dan asks Keesha if she thinks he made a mistake. She isn’t so sure what to think but isn’t comfortable with his dumb deal at all. Renny enters, and Dan asks the two of them to play along when he proposes a game of Replacement Nominee Roulette later on. Dan vows not to put either of them up for eviction. Renny tells him if he puts her up she’ll come back to haunt him. He tells her to trust him, but Renny tells him to stop saying that because actions speak louder than words. Ollie tells Jerry and Michelle about the rest of the deal he made with Dan. They don’t trust Dan, but Ollie seems to think they can.


Last week America voted for one house guest to get a phone call from home. The players gather to find out that the next day the phone will ring for one of them. Michelle turns on the tears because she feels all alone in the house and misses her mommy. Jerry would love to hear from his wife of 54 years, who suffers from Parkinson’s. The next day when the phone rings, no one is sure if they should answer it. Duh. Then Michelle finally answers, and it is for Jerry. It’s his wife. They all get emotional as she tells him she’s been watching the show so she’ll feel like he’s home with her. After the call, Jerry thanks America for the call.


Dan, Memphis and Keesha discuss the game. They think Michelle is a bigger threat than Ollie and she needs to go. That, and she’s just annoying. Dan promises to break his deal with Ollie and put up Michelle if either of them get the POV. Later, Ollie tells Dan he expects him to follow through with the last part of their deal.


Obviously, Dan, Memphis and Jerry will be competing. Also called up are Keesha and Renny. Jerry pulls out a choice card and chooses Michelle, leaving Ollie to host. They have to use pulleys to go from side to side, suspended mid-air, and gather puzzle pieces and put the puzzle together on a board at the other end of the pulley. They play three on three. First up, Dan throws the competition and allows Keesha to trump Michelle. Then Memphis trumps both Jerry and Renny. As if the were predestined by Dan, the POV is either going to Keesha or Memphis. Memphis wins it. Dan is happy because he knows he’s putting Michelle up. Ollie is comfortable that he’ll be able to force Dan to put Keesha up.


Back in the HOH room, Dan and Memphis do the happy dance. They decide Michelle needs to go home for being a loose cannon. Keesha enters and Dan tells them both they had better have his back in the near future. Later, Ollie nervously approaches Dan. Dan says he is trying to convince Memphis not to use the POV. Ollie reiterates that he wants Keesha to leave. Dan interviews that Ollie is crazy if he thinks he’s putting Keesha up. As Dan watches his housemates on the monitors, he decides it’s time to put the focus on them and off of him. He confidentially asks each player who they would put up for eviction, cleverly getting them to say the names he wants to hear.


As expected, Memphis keeps the POV. Dan stands and says they are playing Replacement Nominee Roulette, and if anyone doesn’t want to play they will automatically be placed up for eviction. Michelle chooses Keesha and vice versa, same for Ollie and Renny. Dan says the game is all about risks and gambling, and Ollie lost the bet so Michelle needs to sit in the eviction chair. In other words, it sucks to be Ollie, or Michelle. Meeting adjourned.

Michelle is upset and cursing for being backstabbed for someone else’s deal. Ollie is throwing a tantrum and knocking things over. He vows that Dan will pay for disrespecting him. And don’t forget his Boo is on the jury now. And one more teeny weenie thing: they still don’t know there will be a double eviction this week. Wow! See you on Thursday!

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