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Big Brother 10 Recap -- New Orleans Eviction



Cut over to the jury house. Libra is all comfortable and cozy as she wonders who will join her first. She says she wants April to be next, and lo and behold, April walks through the door. As they await the next person, April continues to talk smack about Michelle, saying she can sleep outside for all she cares. Libra correctly guesses that Michelle will come through the door. Michelle fills them in on what’s going on in the house. Especially Ollie’s blindside by Dan and her own ordeal. As they watch the reel of Ollie and Michelle’s last days in the house, the ladies make comments about Keesha. When Ollie appears onscreen, April starts crying. The ladies decide they hate Dan and want him to be next to enter the house, but Ollie walks in. April can barely contain herself as Ollie grabs her and asks her to answer his question: Yes, April will be his first official girlfriend. Now, they can finally get a room.


Renny and her best friend Keesha sit in the eviction seats. They hold hands as they are both dressed in black, either to go to a club or to mourn losing the game. Either way, they both look great. Well, only Dan and Memphis get to vote, and Renny is evicted. She is greeted outside the house with warm cheers and applause from the audience. She tells Julie that she has no regrets about the game and met some good friends.


The next competition puts the players (except Jerry) out back on mats with TRUE or FALSE. They have to step on one or the other as Julie asks questions about pictures from past episodes that flashed before them quickly inside the house. Dan wins POV. Jerry know he’s next. Keesha wonders if Dan is loyal to her or Memphis. Two folks need to go up on Sunday. Who will they be? As they go back onto the house, they see a Sumo wrestler sitting on the dinning room ottoman. He says something in his native language, but the subtitles tell us he is saying that he’s sitting on the information they need. Uh oh. Who is gonna make him move? Unless he has to go to the bathroom, I don’t see him moving anytime soon. See you Sunday!

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