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Big Brother 10 Recap -- Counting Down!


Episode Air Date: September 7, 2008

Renny is gone. Memphis lied to Jerry. Dan trusts Memphis anyway. Keesha is nervous and Jerry wants revenge. The show is getting good. Dan interviews that Renny had to go because she was likeable and the jury would most likely have selected her for the win. As HOH again, Dan has a one in three chance of winning the $500K. Memphis says he will hurt Dan if he puts him on the block again. Keesha realizes, finally, that Dan is closer to Memphis than he’s let on. Jerry says his strategy is to break the house down.

The sumo wrestler in the living room sits quietly, except for uttering something every few minutes. He’s saying “I am sitting on the information you need.” Don’t know why they all act scared of him, but they do. The sumo guy periodically stands or lifts a hefty leg to show that he’s sitting on an envelope. Dan asks him “Why are you here?” He repeats the same. Next time he moves, Dan notices the envelope and inches closer. He eventually grabs it. The message reads that there will be a luxury trip outside of the house for one player, the one who wins the challenge the next day. Sumo guy leaves. Keesha goes into her room and cries over Renny’s departure. Jerry tells Memphis it’s going to be a rough week. He says the jury will surely choose a woman so they need to get rid of Keesha.

Because they are bored, the players decided to adopt a pet. Specifically, a spider named Ted. Memphis adds moths to Ted’s web as they watch the fight to the death. Keesha is appalled, but that was about all the action in the last few minutes, so I wasn’t so mad.


Dan shows his HOH room again. There are pics of him and Monica everywhere. Jerry comments that one of the pics makes Dan look fat. Dan didn’t appreciate the comment. Dan reads a letter from his parents. They say they are proud of him, support all of the decisions he’s made and remind him that he can say a lot in a few words. I wish they had told him to stop yelling into the camera in the DR room.


The next morning, Jesse, dressed as a gorilla, wakes them up and takes them outside. There they find different statues and clues to a common phrase. They need to guess the phrase to win the luxury prize. The Gorilla Jesse will periodically cover up the clues to leave only the pertinent ones. Each player has three guesses. Dan spends most of his time watching the contortionist, and when she leaves, so do his hopes for entertainment. He does correctly guess the phrase though, and he wins the prize. Can’t be mad at him .He got BURY THE HATCHET out of a blueberry and a cracked egg with IT written on it. Thankfully, Jesse leaves before we have to actually see him again, although he leaves with one of his trademark sounds and the players correctly guess he was there.

Dan goes to the DR room to find out what he has won. It’s a trip by private helicopter to a beach for one day. Twist: he can take one friend along, either from the house, or from the jury. Dan decides to take Michelle to get on her good side. He tells the houseguests about the trip, leaving out the part about taking Michelle. He just says he couldn’t choose one of them without being unfair, so he lies that he’s taking the trip alone. Something about Dan’s story doesn’t sit well with Jerry, though, and Dan realizes Jerry is suspicious. Especially since it was specified that the trip could really impact the game.


Dan has to put two people up for eviction. The obvious would be Jerry and Keesha, but The Renegades are alive and kicking and fighting to the end. He and Memphis decide to throw suspicion off; he needs to include Memphis in his choice. At the table, Keesha is surprised to find that she is safe. Jerry is surprised that Dan would “turn “on Memphis again. The POV will be a battle for the ages, as Memphis put it. He needs to win it, unless he thinks Keesha will actually take him off the block and put herself on….NOT! Tuesday’s show should be very interesting….

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