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Big Brother 10 Recap -- Jerry Evicted

Episode Air Date: September 11, 2008


BIG BROTHER: On with the obvious…

It’s day 66, and the battle for the final HOH is on. Jerry, Memphis and Dan are still suspended mid-air on planes trying to balance. Dan start playing mind games with Jerry by telling Memphis he thinks it was a good game move to get rid of Keesha. Of course Jerry falls for it, even though Dan lays it on a little thick. Jerry falls off of the plane first. Memphis and Dan smirk, after they ask if he’s okay. Both continue to hang on though. Dan wonders why Memphis is still hanging on since the plan is for Dan to win HOH. Memphis wishes Dan would shut up so the plan won’t be so obvious to Jerry. Finally Memphis “falls” and Dan “wins” HOH. Later, Jerry thanks Memphis for evicting Keesha. Jerry actually says he’s enjoying Memphis now that he’s gotten to know him. To complete the Renegade’d plan though, Memphis needs to win phase II of the HOH competition.


Dan walks out with boxing gloves. He tells Jerry and Memphis that they will be called to the backyard one at a time. Good thing, ‘cause Jerry wasn’t ready to battle Memphis. The game is to knock out former contestants in the order they were left standing. Both Jerry and Memphis finish the game, but Memphis wins with a time of 8 minutes vs. Jerry’s 51 minutes. For some reason, Jerry still feels that Memphis will take him all the way.


Libra, Renny and Michelle sit around playing spades. Renny is going crazy in the jury house because she’s confined and bored. They wonder who will walk through the door next, and collectively hope it isn’t Jerry. When Keesha walks in, Michelle and April are not impressed. April still stalks smack about her. Enough already. They watch the DVD Keesha pops in and realize Dan is definitely working for votes. Like him or not, they see that Dan is playing the game to win.


Dan and Memphis face off for final HOH. The winner will evict someone and then face the last guy standing at the finale. How well do they know former housemates? Sayings from housemates while in the jury house. Dan wins final HOH. At the final nomination, Jerry says he played the game and feels he should be considered for the final two. Memphis says it was a wild ride, but basically knows he’s in there. He says he can look at him during this time and see if they are a true Renegade, a shout out to their alliance. Dan stands and evicts Jerry. The do their little dance after Jerry leaves. Jerry arrives to greet the audience amid cheers. Dan and Memphis are elated. Wonder why Julie said Dan had to choose between his friends Jerry and Keesha. Jerry tells Julie it was probably a plan to sit in the final two with Memphis. Thinks it was not a good idea for Dan though because Jerry will be influencing the jury vote. Julie asks if he would vote for the best player of settle a personal score, and he says it’s tough because one was under the radar while the other was in your face. Of course, Dan and Memphis give Jerry kudos in their final messages. They make sure to tell him there are no hard feelings. And they want his vote. The audience is told they can vote for someone on the jury to win $25K. Julie talks with the Renegades. They feel awesome. They admit they started their alliance in week four. We’ll see on Tuesday at 9pm who wins!

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