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Big Brother 10, Episode Three Recap -- The First Eviction


Updated July 17, 2008


So, Brian is up against Renny for eviction. Jerry is upset that he had to go back on his word. He still thinks Brian is worthy of praise and would never stab him in the back. Dan is shocked that his new best bud Brian has been hoodwinked. Jerry feels like he owes Brian an explanation and blabs to Brian that he was given an ultimatum by the rest of the houseguests. He also admits to Brian that Ollie was the ringleader. He just runs his mouth, which is even more embarrassing than when he wore civilian clothes to nominate him for eviction.

Brian interviews that Jerry is just talking crap, and he went back on his word, which is all that matters to him. Dan tells Brian he did not know about the blindside. They are both shocked that Ollie flipped the switch on them so soon. Brian asks Ollie if he orchestrated the mutiny, but Ollie talks around the issue and says the girls backed him into a corner. Actually, it was more like April threw him down on a mattress… Dan comments that April is dangerous in her stilettos, and Ollie had better watch out because she still has another one to use, having stabbed Brian with the first one. Meanwhile, Ollie and April share their first kiss in front of millions of people, whispering sweet nothings as if no one is watching and hearing.

Meanwhile, Brian is getting his strategy together. He tells Steven that he needs five votes and Jerry to get Renny out of the house. In the voice of his alter ego, god (notice the lower case “g”…), he says he WILL make it happen. This strategy includes becoming everyone’s best friend and making them laugh so they won’t want him to leave. First up? A puppet show, complete with sock puppets and the first ever Big Brother Sock Puppet Eviction. After his little skit, including new surprise ally, Angie, Brian’s really feeling the love from Steven, Dan and Brian. Steven tells Brian that he’s really going to miss his antics and his laughter if he leaves the house. Brian tells him he’s gotten attached to him too and would miss him. And Brian still doesn’t know that Steven is gay. I’m not saying Steven was making a pass. Get ya’ll's minds out of the gutter. I said Steven will miss his new friend.

Angie talks with Keesha on Brian’s behalf, saying that if they get Memphis onboard with Brian, then Jesse will surely follow. Keehsa sees April and her crew (Libra, Ollie and Michelle) talking over a game of pool and assumes they are talking about her. Actually, they are wondering why Angie has gone to the other side, but Keesha blows the whole whisper in the corner thing out of proportion and April almost opens up a can of whoop a- - on her, that is, until her new man, Ollie, steps in to hold her back. Personally I wanted to see a girl fight cause the show is a little stale right now except for Brian backstabbing everyone. Back in her room, April starts crying thinking she and Keesha will never be BFF’s again. Renny comforts her. Keesha screams that she isn’t stupid. Actually no one called her stupid, but she looks pretty stupid screaming that she isn’t.

Back with the live audience outside of the house, Julie poses several questions to the housemates. She asks Jesse if he’s buried the hatchet with Renny. His predictable answer is no, saying that you have to give respect to get respect. I look forward to Renny respecting Jesse over the next week. He deserves it. And yes, I’m being sarcastic. Libra is asked how she could leave her husband and kids, who are so young, to participate in the game. What she SAYS is she has the full support of her family and makes her own decisions. What I HEARD was, “Cause I want to win $500K and women don’t have to hang around and breastfeed anymore when daddy can pick up a bottle.” What did YOU hear? Jerry, looking sad, tells Julie that he doesn’t have any regrets because it’s obviously a game, but it didn’t feel good to betray Brian. He also says that the ladies, dubbed “Jerry’s Angels” saved him so he felt the need to align with them.


Renny pleads her case. Says she’s been on the block for seven days, and she’s toned her wild persona down a bit in the hopes that she has earned some respect. Brian says the first few days were fun, all good times, but they need to remember Big Brother is a game and not take things so personal. He reminds them the game can only get nastier as time goes on. I am only hoping I’m not the only person who realizes he means his wrath if he’s allowed to stay.

The Head of Household, Jerry, will only vote in the event of a tie. Only Dan votes for Brian to stay, which means a landslide 9-1 vote evicts Brian from the house first. After a few goodbyes, Brian joins Julie outside. As the remaining players hug and congratulate Renny, it’s pretty apparent among the group that Dan was the lone standout. Michelle comforts a devastated Dan. Outside, Brian interviews with Julie that he hopes Dan survives the game because his morals may get in the way. As for the goodbye messages, Keesha tells Brian that his arrogance is what took him out of the game. Ollie apologizes, but says the biggest threats need to go first. What he didn’t say is that if he had voted for Renny, he couldn’t make anymore booty calls. Jerry is sorry about the turncoats, Dan is sad, and of course Steve will miss him. When asked who the most underestimated player is, Brian says that they had better watch out for Memphis. He’s flying below the radar for now, but his agenda will reveal itself soon enough.

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