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Big Brother 10, Episode Four Recap -- Dan and Steven Nominated


Updated July 21, 2008


The first eviction ended with the blindside of Brian. Now everyone in the house is walking around acting like they loved Renny from jump. She gets hugs and “congratulations” from everyone. Of course through the regular round of interviews we hear what people are really thinking. Dan is proud of himself for staying true to his word. Steven is emotional over his loss of friendship with Brian. Ollie admits he is responsible for spearheading the betrayal, but he also admits those booty calls with April mean a little more than the game. Jerry has no remorse since Brian was the one that turned on him, and Libra is just happy, but keeps her emotions reserved. Jesse, always one to speak ill of everyone else, says that Brian’s picture looks much better on the wall now that it’s been grayed out. ….And because he was closest to guessing the number of pillows in the last challenge, Jesse is now Head of Household. Jerry and Renny get into a battle of words when she accuses him of not honoring his word to Brian. Not one to just shut up and be thankful she wasn’t evicted, she says she doesn’t get the whole “not in military garb” thing. This upsets Jerry and the poor thing almost gets his blood pressure up trying to defend his position.


It’s time for Jesse to show off again. As HOH, he invites everyone up to his room for a party. Everyone walks in to find the room filled with Jesse’s muscle pictures, and he feels the need to explain them all. The only person not present is Steven, and they see him downstairs via webcam puttering around in the kitchen. He never joins the party.

Angie knows she stepped on Jesse’s toes by becoming friends with Brian. She tries to talk to Jesse, but he blows her off, either for the benefit of the camera or just because he’s a jerk. He basically tells her he has no reason to keep her around. Clearly thinking he was making a point, or not, he tells her that people think he’s just a body with no brain, but he beats everyone at chess and asks her what more proof she needs that he’s smart. Whoa, we need to be scared of Jesse now! He can beat us at chess! Jesse is such an annoying child. He zeroes in on Memphis for his new BFF. Michelle, Libra and Ollie do a happy dance since Jesse is HOH. Dan is nervous that he’ll be put up for eviction. Once they get him alone, Michelle, Libra, Ollie and April tell Jesse that he needs to leave Renny alone and put someone else up for eviction. Meanwhile, Keesha and Angie sit out in the fake yard under the fake sunlight and whine about feeling like outsiders.


Jerry tells Libra and Angie that his wife has Parkinson’s disease. He’s been married to her, his best friend, for 54 years. She wants Jerry to put her in a nursing home so he can enjoy the rest of his life. He says he got in shape so he could be there for her until he can’t lift her anymore. He has no intention of putting her in a home. It was very touching. Memphis shares that he is closed off because he lost his dad at a young age and then more recently had his heart broken. Dan tells Steven that he’s never met a gay person. Note to Dan: YES YOU HAVE . You just didn’t know it. Anyhow, he asks Steven if he minds him asking questions. As Steve tries to answer Dan’s questions, Keesha keeps finishing Steven’s sentences in a very annoying way. In the TMI category (Too Much Information), Steven and Keesha talk about missing their dogs and wonder if they will remember them or if they are home crying. They even say the dogs take precedence over people in their lives.


Jesse shows up to read the rules of the competition dressed like a Frenchman with a bad accent. They have to split into two groups and catch wine in glasses from their opponent’s large wine vat, then run over to their own side and fill up bottles. They have five minutes. Team Red is Jerry, Renny, Libra, Keesha, April and Memphis. They lose to Team Green: Jesse, Angie, Michelle, Dan, Steven and Ollie. The winners eat well, the losers are back on slop. This doesn’t sit well with Libra and April, who were on slop last week, and tension starts to build when they snap at each other over who costs them the competition.


Dan wants to talk to Jesse about his agenda. He asks to use Jesse’s bathroom, hoping Jesse will get the hint and go upstairs to his room. Inside the room, Dan watches Jesse talk to everyone downstairs. Then Jesse and Ollie start up the stairs, and Dan runs into the bathroom. When they enter the room, Dan flushes the toilet and walks out saying he had been in there awhile because it’s private. Jesse takes his word for it and they all head back downstairs. Later, Dan does manage to get Jesse alone and pleads his case. Jesse gives him the impression that he’s alright with him since he has been honest. They leave each other feeling like there is respect. At least Dan does…


Angie is clearly shaking in her boots. Renny knows Jesse doesn’t like her. The keys are pulled, and everyone thanks Jesse for allowing them to stay another week except Renny and Angie, who should have been the first to say something. Jesse has put Dan and Steven up, hoping the house will vote Steven off for not coming upstairs to his little party earlier. On Tuesday, we’ll find out if either Steven or Dan can grab the Power of Veto. Stay tuned…

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