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Big Brother 10, Episode Five Recap -- Power of Veto


Updated July 23, 2008
Jesse, as Head of Household, has put Dan and Steven up for eviction on the advice of his allies. Dan talks to Jesse alone. Jesse tells him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about because the majority of the house wants Steven to leave. Dan interviews, loudly, that he trusts Jesse. Jesse finally remembers, conveniently though, that if Steven gets the power of veto Dan is screwed. Angie visits with Steven, and he tells her not to be so sad. He says it hurts to know that the people in the house want him out. Angie realizes she needs to distance herself from everyone that was friends with Brian. Elsewhere, Michelle gives Jesse a pedicure, complete with clear polish, that we really didn’t need to see. She admits that she was hoping to embark on a “showmance”, but since Jesse has a girlfriend, her hopes are dashed. She says this jokingly, but Jesse reminds her that although he is dating someone, she is fully aware that he considers himself single. Uh…lucky girl? Michelle tells Jesse he’s her best friend. Good move. Not only is he too young and egotistical for her, but he isn’t the smartest bunny in the patch, even if he can beat her at chess with his shiny toes. Memphis says that there are eight people controlling the game and they will eventually turn on each other. Jesse listens and agrees. They form an alliance with Angie and Michelle, calling themselves Team BA for Badass. While they are sitting around doing nothing, Steven asks Renny about her Hurricane Katrina experience. After listening to her talk about losing friends and the ordeal as a whole, most of those present gain a new respect for her that should last until she opens her mouth again later in this episode. Keesha doesn’t want Steven to leave the house. Steven asks her if she were to win the power of veto, would she give it to him. She doesn’t commit, but she seriously considers it.


Six people will again compete for power of veto. The two nominees: Dan and Steven, the HOH, Jesse, and Jerry will play Host. Michelle, Libra, and Keesha are the final players. Keesha is overheard saying she wants Steven to stay. The other ladies disagree and decide they don’t trust her, as if they ever did. Michelle can’t wait to run tell Jesse and Memphis that Keesha is trying to keep Steven in the house. Michelle decides Keesha needs to leave next. For the competition, a board with license plates is set up and the players must unscramble phrases. Keesha wins the first round. For the second round, the power of veto is taken off the table and a chance to eat food rather than slop is put up for grabs. There are no takers. This is suspicious to the other players because Keesha was the main person complaining about eating slop. They realize she must be trying to earn the power of veto for Steven. Finally, Michelle wins the power of veto, and Steven knows he’s a goner. Dan continues to interview, at the top of his lungs, about how he hopes that he can trust Jesse and Michelle and that the household will evict Steven.


The newly formed Team BA realizes Keesha was trying to keep Steven in the house. Libra says perception is the biggest thing in the house, and Keesha staying around Steven doesn’t help her chances of making nice. In front of Libra, Keesha apologizes to Steven for not winning the power of veto, and when Libra leaves the room; he asks Keesha why she said that in front of Libra. (uh..cause she’s dumb…). Afterward, Keesha once again whines that everyone is against her. Keesha yells to everyone that if she had won the power of veto she would not have changed a thing. She tells Ollie and Libra she is Steven’s friend but still knows how to play the game. She tells Jesse and Memphis that Libra is the problem. They believe her. Jesse says he will try to get Michelle to use her power to put Libra up for eviction. Renny admits she likes to stir up trouble. After Keesha tells them that Libra is a problem, Renny tells Jerry that Libra talked smack about them after the last challenge. Even Jerry calls Libra a bitch that blames everything on everybody. Whew! Jerry rushes to the girls’ room and confronts Libra. They get into a yelling match with neither of them backing down. Libra tears through the house demanding to know who was playing snitch, and Jerry admits it was “the other old person”. Libra confronts Renny, and then they argue, which is exactly what Renny wanted to happen. As Jesse continues to primp in a mirror, he and Memphis broach the idea of evicting Libra, but Michelle is not comfortable and won’t commit either way. They try to tell her she’d be a hero for getting rid of Libra, but Michelle doesn’t see it that way. Steven suggests to Michelle that she give the veto to Dan so that Libra can be put up. Michelle says she’ll think about it.


Steven says he is tainted with the stigma of the whole Brian alliance. Michelle should make her own decision. Dan says that he’s made his bed and has to sleep in it, but he’s hoping the Portuguese Princess from Providence will use her medallion to keep him in the house. Michelle stands up and decides to keep the POV for herself and leave the nominations as is. She feels she would have gained more enemies by nominating Libra. Tune in tonight to see who leaves!

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