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Reality TV Contestants

Get the facts about reality TV contestants and see their photos.
  1. American Idol Contestants (40)

Meet The Girls of 'I Wanna Marry Harry'
Meet 'I Wanna Marry Harry' contestants. These twelve American bachelorettes were taken to England and duped into thinking the bachelor they were courting was Prince Charles' son and Prince Williams younger brother, Harry.

'Below Deck' Season 2--Meet the Cast
Meet the cast of Below Deck season 2

'America's Next Top Model' 20 Contestants Before and After Photos
See photos of the models from 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 20's Guys and Girls finalists before and after their makeovers

'The Voice' Season Six--Meet The Top 20
The Voice Season Six has come down to the top twenty contestants. Meet the final five from each of the four teams in this photo lineup

Meet the Top 12 Singers of 'X Factor' Season 3
Meet the final 12 acts of X factor's Season Three in this list of the top 3 contestants in each of the four categories (Boys, Girls, Groups, Over 25s)

Contestants on 'Survivor: Blood vs Water'
Meet the returning and new contestants on Survivor Season 27--Blood vs Water in this photo album.

'Masterchef' 5--Meet the Home Cooks
Meet the home chefs who made it into the Masterchef Season Five Top 20 in this photo album.

'Top Chef Masters' 5--Meet the Cast
meet the contenders of Top Chef Masters Season Five. see photos and read bios of the chefs competing for the $100,000 prize.

Meet 'Project Runway' Season 12 Designers
The 15 designers of Project runway season 12 represent four continents. Meet them in this photo gallery

'Real World Portland' Cast
See photos and read bios of the eight star of MTV's Real World Portland

Survivor: Caramoan Cast
Meet the contestants on Survivor: Caramoan, the 26th Season of the reality competition which pits Fans vs Favorites.

Teams of Amazing Race' Season 22
Meet the Teams of Amazing Race Season 22. 11 Teams racing around the world.

Cast of 'Dance Moms'--Meet the Dancers and Their Moms
Meet the cast of Lifetime's 'Dance Moms' in this photo album with short bios.

Survivor Philippines Contestants
Meet the cast of Survivor Philippines in this photo gallery. The 25th season of Survivor is set in the Philippines and will feature three tribes and three returning castaways from earlier seasons.

'Dancing With the Stars' Celebrity Cast 2011
The Dancing With the Stars cast for Season 13.

The Latest Reality TV Contestants
Reality shows introduce us to new faces and personalities every season. Learn about the newest reality TV contestants below.

Top 3 'Project Runway All Stars' Season Two Contestants
Meet the top three contestants from Project Runway All Stars Season Two. Which of the top three designers: Emilio Sosa, Uli Herzner or Anthony Ryan Auld won the top prize?

'America's Next Top Model' Contestants
Meet the 'Top Model' contestants.

The Cast of 'Teen Mom 2'
Meet the cast of Teen Mom 2, the second MTV series following former 16 and Pregnant stars. Meet the teenage mothers of Teen Mom 2 here.

'Top Model' Top Five
America's Next Top Model British Invasion has come down to the final five contestants. Meet the top five models of Top Model Cycle 18. Who will win ANTM British Invasion?

'Big Brother' Contestants
Meet the 'Big Brother' contestants.

MTV's reality show, Teen Mom, documents the lives of four of the teenage...
A guide to Teen Mom's cast, who originally appeared on MTV's series 16 and Pregnant. Meet the moms, their children, baby daddies and other family members.

'Biggest Loser' Contestants
Meet the 'Biggest Loser' contestants.

'Dancing With the Stars' Contestants
Meet the Dancing With the Stars contestants.

'Project Runway' Contestants
Meet the 'Project Runway' contestants.

'Survivor' Contestants
Meet the 'Survivor' contestants.

'The Voice' Final Eight
The second round of live performances have concluded on The Voice Season Two. Meet the top 8 contestants of The Voice 2 here. Find out which contestants made it to the semi finals.

'The Amazing Race' Contestants
Meet the 'Amazing Race' contestants.

'Top Design' Contestants
Meet the 'Top Design' contestants.

'The Voice' 2 Quarter Finalists
The first rounds of live performances have concluded on The Voice Season Two. Meet the top contestants of The Voice 2 here. Find out which contestants made it to the quarter finals.

MasterChef Season Three Contestants
Meet the top fourteen contestants of MasterChef Season 3 in this photo gallery. The reality cooking competition MasterChef pits amateur chefs against each other for judges including chef Gordon Ramsay.

Meet the Top Cooks of 'MasterChef' Season 4
Meet the top 16 contestants on MasterChef Season 4. This year the challenges are bigger and one of the cooks is a former NFL football player.

'So You Think You Can Dance' Season Eleven Top 20 Recap
The Top 20 So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Contestants performed for judges and viewer votes. Find out which dancers were paired together in this recap of the 200th SYTYCD episode.

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