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Reality TV Casting Calls

Participants or Contestants Wanted for Reality TV Casting Calls!


Last updated: October 7, 2009

Do you want to be on reality TV? Here's a look at some recent reality TV casting calls! Since reality TV casting calls change often, please visit the network links for the latest info.

ABC Casting: Overwhelmed Parents, Interesting Families, Folks Looking for Love

  • The new show Find My Family is looking for adopted individuals who want to find their biological parents or siblings, and parents who want to find the children they put up for adoption.
  • Shark Tank is looking for people who think they have come up with a lucrative business idea but need to secure financial backing.
  • The Supernanny is seeking overwhelmed parents who need help from the Supernanny herself.
  • Wife Swap is looking for brave wives who are willing to trade lives with another mom.
  • The Bachelor is seeking a new bachelor for an upcoming season.
  • Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is looking for families whose homes need desperate attention.

NBC Casting: Individuals in Crisis, Overweight Family Members,

  • The new show Breakthrough with Tony Robbins is looking for individuals who are struggling with a life crisis and need help getting their life back on track.
  • The Biggest Loser is looking for family members of two who each have at least 100 pounds to lose.

CBS Casting: Survivors, Amazing Racers, and Big Brother Houseguests

  • Big Brother is looking for individuals who are willing to have cameras follow their every move while living in a house with complete strangers this summer. The prize is $500,000.
  • The search continues for contestants who think they can outwit, outplay and outlast the competition while living in a remote location without modern day luxuries. The prize is $1 million.
  • The Amazing Race is looking for teams of two who have the "brains, brawn and street-smarts to win a race around the world." The prize is $1 million.

Fox Casting: Struggling Restaurant Owners

  • Kitchen Nightmares is looking for struggling restaurant owners who are willing to get help from loud-mouthed Hell's Kitchen chef Gordon Ramsay.

MTV Casting: Dance Crews

  • MTV is looking for dance crews to compete in the fifth season of America's Best Dance Crew.
  • A new show needs teens who have had driving mishaps.
  • Outrageous grandparents are needed for a reality show.

VH1 Casting: Scream Queens

  • The show "Scream Queens" needs aspiring actresses who want to compete for a role in a horror film.

WE TV Casting: Brides, Wealthy Parents

  • The network is looking for brides who need some serious wedding planning help from the reality show My Fair Wedding. Brides must be getting married between March and mid-May 2009 in the New York City or Philadelphia area.
  • Rich Bride, Poor Bride needs brides who are willing to share their wedding planning experience with the world.
  • Bridezillas is looking for outspoken, picky, and demanding brides for the dramalicious reality show.
  • The show Platinum Babies needs wealthy parents who spare no expense when it comes to their buns in the oven. To be considered for the show, your baby must be due before July 2009.

TLC Casting: Fashion Victims, Brides Seeking the Perfect Dress, Moms to Be

  • Fashion victims are needed for fashion interventions on What Not to Wear.
  • Say Yes to the Dress needs brides-to-be who are looking for the perfect wedding dress.
  • A Baby Story is looking for parents living in the New York tri-state area who want to share their pregnancy and delivery experience with the world.
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