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Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Everything you need to know about the hit home makeover show.
  1. Misc (9)

Eduardo Xol Interview
Read what Eduardo Xol had to say in an exclusive interview about Extreme: Makeover home edition and his new book Extreme Entertaining.

SHOW PROFILE: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Learn about the hit ABC reality show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

BIOS -- Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Designers
Read the bios of the designers featured on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Designers include Ty Pennington, Eduardo Xol, Ed Sanders, Preston Sharp, Constance Ramos, Tracy Hutson, Paige Hemmis, Paul Dimeo, and Michael Moloney.

PHOTO GALLERY: The Designers Pose For Pictures
Enjoy pictures of Ty Pennington, Paige Hemmis, Michael Moloney, Constance Ramos and the rest of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition crew.

HOME MAKEOVER EXAMPLE: Tour the Harper Family's Home
When the Harper family of Atlanta, GA bought their new home, they found themselves knee high in raw sewage. Ty and crew gave them the help they needed. Check out photos of their Extreme Home Makevoer.

Official Website of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Apply to Be on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Get instructions for applying to the show and download an application.

PHOTO GALLERY: Ty Pennington
This Extreme Makeover star is extremely hot. Check out his photos and see why he was recently chosen as one of the sexiest men alive.

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