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Tips for Organizing Your Home from Peter Walsh of TLC's "Clean Sweep"


Clean Sweep Organizer Peter Walsh

Clean Sweep Organizer Peter Walsh


TLC has granted permission to publish the following.

Is your home a cluttered mess? Now is the perfect time to clean sweep your space. Sometimes the toughest part is getting started, so "Clean Sweep" organizer Peter Walsh provides ten tips on creating a fresh and organized home.

Peter Walsh's Tips

  • Start slow.
    It’s taken months for your house to become cluttered so it’s not realistic to try and organize everything in one day or even a weekend. Instead, start small – one room or section of a room at a time. Make a commitment every day to CLEAN SWEEP another part of your home until it’s done.

  • Find a de-cluttering buddy.
    An honest friend will help you put things in perspective and help you part with that neon jumpsuit from 1982.

  • Hold a neighborhood garage sale!
    Turn trash into cash by selling the items you no longer need in your home. Consider donating the funds to a local charity.

  • Use the ratio rule.
    For every four items you keep throw away one. Challenge yourself and try to lower the ratio to three to one or if you are really brave, two to one.

  • Understand and honor your treasured collections.
    Items stored in a trash bag in the attic aren’t collections. If you truly treasure those items display them proudly and properly in your home, otherwise get rid of them.
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