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August 2012 Reality Show Premieres

New Shows of August


Stars Earn Stripes Season 1

August sees the launch of a half dozen new reality shows. Learn more about the new shows, when they air and what channel they are on.

  • All the Right Moves: August 21, 2012, Oxygen, Tuesdays, 10/9PM Central. All the Right Moves features former So You Think You Can Dance stars Nick Lazzarini and Travis Wall starting a new dance studio with two friends.

  • Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice: August 24, 2012, Discovery, Fridays, 9PM Eastern/Pacific. Last season's new show, Bering Sea Gold followed the resilient/crazy mining crews who dredge for gold in the short summers of the brutal north. Its spin-off, Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice focuses on the undersea miners who stay after the area freezes beneath a 4-foot-thick layer of ice.

  • Here Comes Honey Boo Boo: August 8, 2012, TLC, Wednesdays, 10/9PM Central. If you are a Toddlers in Tiaras fan and always wanted to learn more about the pint-sized beauty queens then you'll want to catch this new show about six-year-old Honey Boo Boo and her life on and off the pageant circuit.

  • Hotel Hell: August 13, 2012, Fox, Mondays, 8/7PM Central. Angry chef Gordon Ramsay (star of Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares) launches another reality show. This one has him dodging roaches and ignorant proprietors while trying to turn around truly terrible hotels and motels.

  • Gallery Girls: August 13, 2012, Bravo, Mondays, 10/9PM Central. Seven twenty-something New York women try to claw their way into the cutthroat (and often unpaid) world of art.

  • Get to Work: August 13, 2012, Sundance, Mondays, 10:30PM Eastern/Pacific. Get to Work goes inside Second Chance, a job-placement organization that runs a boot camp to shape the chronically unemployed into employable job candidates.

  • Married to Jonas: August 19, 2012, E!, Sundays, 10/9PM Central. This new reality show follows newlyweds Kevin (of the Jonas Brothers) and Danielle Jonas as they deal with work, family and the impact of saving sex for the wedding night.

  • Stars Earn Stripes: August 13, 2012, NBC, Mondays, 8/9PM Central. The show that led Sharon Osbourne to accuse NBC of discrimination and quit judging America's Got Talent puts celebrities through military exercises.

  • The Week the Women Went: August 14, 2012, Lifetime, Tuesdays, 10/9PM Central. How incompetent are America's men? Find out watching a town's guys melt down when their women go on vacation, leaving them to--gasp!--cook, clean and care for children. Isn't it fun to watch people who embody gender stereotypes? Not to mention watching a 4-year-old coffee addict.

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