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An Interview With Angel Carter

Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Angel Talks About Her Family’s New Reality Show


An Interview With Angel Carter
Photo courtesy of E!
Updated October 11, 2006

Angel Carter is the twin sister of pop singer Aaron Carter and the little sister of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter. But Angel and her two sisters Bobbie Jean and Leslie have been living out of the spotlight -- until now. The five siblings have a new reality show called House of Carters, which airs Monday nights at 9 ET/PT on the E! network. The series gives viewers an inside look at the Carters, who have had their share of family problems over the years. Viewers get to see it all -- from outrageous fights to revealing family discussions.

Angel talked to me about the show in an interview one week after the show's season premiere. Here's what she had to say.

Q&A With Angel Carter

Q: Whose idea was it to do this show?
A: We all decided to do it. We talked for a while about it. To get us all together was the hard part.

Q: So, you were on board from the beginning? No concerns about doing reality TV?
A: I was kind of excited, to be honest…[because we would have the chance to live together.]

Q: So you guys didn’t live together too much growing up?
A: No, because Nick was always on tour. And so was Aaron. It was like us girls were always left behind. Now we get to all stay together, so it’s cool.

Q: So, Aaron is your twin. Is there such a thing as a twin connection?
A: There’s definitely like a twin connection. It’s not like you love them more or anything. It’s just that you connect with them more, you know?...

Q: I can’t resist asking this off-topic question. When Aaron was dating Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff, did you prefer one girl over the other?
A: I preferred Lindsay. I never hung out with Hilary all that much, but Lindsay has been my friend since we were like ten, so I knew her.

Q: OK, so now that all of you are living together, do you think it changed your relationship as a family?
A: I think it definitely changed us all for the better. I feel like we didn’t really know each other anymore. So we’re starting to learn about each other again. And we’re living together as adults now, without having parents around and stuff.

Q: Are you still living together?

Q: It’s really cool that you guys were able to share so much about your family life, but was it hard on the family and your parents? (Continued on Page 2)

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