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Reality Star Bio: Kathy Hilton of I Want to Be A Hilton


Reality Star Bio: Kathy Hilton of I Want to Be A Hilton

Kathy Hilton Pictures provided by NBC


Kathy Hilton, (birth name is Kathy Elizabeth Richards)

Reality TV Gig:

Host and mentor on NBC's I Want to Be A Hilton


Born in New York City, raised in Southern California

Family Life:

Kathy is married to Rick Hilton, who is the wealthy grandson of hotel chain founder Conrad Hilton. She is the mother of four children -- daughters Paris and Nicky and sons Barron and Conrad. According to IMDB, Kathy is the sister of actors Kyle Richards and Kim Richards. Her parents passed away in recent years.


As a child, Kathy pursued an acting career. She appeared on shows such as Family Affair, The Rockford Files, and Happy Days.


Kathy Hilton is the host of "Many Splendid Things," her own show on the QVC network. On the program, Hilton sells products that she describes as “beautiful things that I love.”

Charity Work and Honors:

Hilton is active in many charitable organizations, including "Operation Smile" and City of Hope. In April 1997, Hilton was honored as “Woman of the Year” by City of Hope. In November 1999, she was given the Guardian Angel Women of the Year Award for the L.A. Junior League.


According to NBC, Kathy's hobbies include travel, hunting for treasures at antique shows, estate sales, entertaining, flower arranging, skiing and tennis.

Favorite Reality Shows :

Kathy doesn't watch much TV, but she admits to liking the reality shows My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance and The Apprentice.

In Her Own Words:

“Making a difference in the world includes being a good person. Not being judgmental. Be a listener. Stop and smell the roses. Be grateful and positive and thank God for your blessings.”

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