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Make Me A Supermodel: Episode Two


Updated January 18, 2008

Who’s Leaving?

Last week we left off with the fates of Katy, Sara, and Dominic in America’s hands. Sara whines that she has a lot to offer. Dominic, wearing ridiculous sunglasses, interviews that he’ll be embarrassed if he is the first model voted off. He then goes on to tell us that he’s ready to go home. Katy and Sara both want Dominic to leave since he’s the most arrogant and least liked in the house.

Reality Check

Back in front of the judges, the models assemble for their critiques of last week’s performances. They are told that as a whole last week was less than memorable. I concur. Katy is told she needs to tighten up. Dominic is told to stop whining, citing his excuse last week about his walk being off because of a heavy necklace. Sara is told she just fades into the background. All but the three targets are sent offstage. All of the positive comments come from Nikki, but then Tyson weighs in, using his best Darth Vador imitation for some reason, with the bad news. I’m hoping he tells us that Dominic is being sent home. Unfortunately, America sends Sara packing. She receives warm hugs from both Katy and Dominic. However, before she can even get off the runway, Dominic lets out with a loud “Yeah!” I guess that’s just how he was raised…Now, Dominic, Katy, Aryn, Frankie, Jacki, Shannon, Casey, Perry, Stephanie, and Jay remain in the competition. After they leave the stage, the judges comment that they believe Dominic just ate a huge piece of humble pie. I’m not exactly agreeing with that…

A Frosty Reception…

The other models are back at the house waiting to see who got voted off. When Katy and Dominic walk back in, the guys, with the exception of Casey, all get up and congratulate Dominic. The ladies remain conspicuously quiet. Only Aryn gives him a hug. Which is fine, since Aryn is the one girl in the house that’s forgettable. So it’s forgivable. She’ll be gone soon after Katy anyhow.

Makeover Time

It’s off to the Cutler Salon for makeovers. The girls and guys are separated as they head for torture. Holly Haircut is given a super short pixie cut that looks beautiful on her. While they are in the salon, Casey does his best Franck Eggelhoffer (the wedding planner from Father of The Bride I & II, with Steve Martin) impression as he directs the stylists. Maybe not such a good idea, given their surroundings…Next up, it’s wax time for the fellas. I’m sure some of the ladies indulged, but it wasn’t shown. Uh huh. Anyhow, Perry had the worst time because they had to keep going over his butt. Never fear though, Franki was lying on an adjacent table and more than willing to hold his hand through it. My only comment there is that in this day and age, images are forever immortalized on the internet….

The Photo Shoot

The next day, the models are fitted with harnesses and suspended from the ceiling wearing suits and dresses. They are told that they now have a “new haircut, a new attitude, new confidence, and need to be a new you.” Ronnie is first up, and does a good job. Prison Guard Ben is at least dressed in black this week, but he lacks energy and is very stiff. Not at all as impressive as he was last week in the pink thong. Jackie does an awesome job and proves herself the one to beat in the competition. Although Holly is looking fierce with her new haircut, the photographer says that her old bob made her stand out more and she had asked the owners of the salon to leave it alone. Way to boost Holly’s ego. Ronnie and Jackie are told they did the best jobs, but Ben, Jay, and Katy are told they did the worst jobs. Poor Katy. She can’t catch a break.

Weigh In Time

It’s time for their weight in. Aryn has lost 3” in her bust, and 2” off of her waist. They ask if she thinks that’s healthy. Of course, she says she ran, ate right, blah, blah, blah. Of course, we ain’t buying it. They tell her not to lose any more weight, and they’ll be watching her. I just want to know what she did so I can do it.

After the Weigh In…You Eat

At dinner, the models play a game asking questions you have to answer truthfully. When asked, Jackie says she feels Aryn is the weakest model because she always looks down when she walks the runway. I don’t know if that means she physically looks down or looks depressed, but I just want to know how she knocked 2” off of her waist before she leaves. Ronnie says that Dominic is the weakest. Katy agrees that Dominic complains too much. When asked who is most attractive, Ronnie says Stephanie and himself. Who is Stephanie??? Aryn’s not that forgettable anymore. Ronnie openly tries to flirt Ben, who is not receptive, but tries not to be rude either. Maybe that’s why Ben can’t loosen up.

Last Walk Before Elimination

Nikki tells the models that they will have to walk the catwalk in designs from Heatherette. The designers, both over-the-top mixes of the Village People and alien sado-masochists, dress the models in head-to-toe Village People and alien sado-masochists attire with exaggerated makeup. I’m starting to feel Ben’s pain more and more as he awkwardly makes it down the runway and back. Ronnie is very happy to model his outfit and interviews that this challenge was very rewarding for him.

Back For More Judging

Of course, Dominic whines to the judges about his boots and outfit when they tell him his walk sucked. Ben is called out for being stiff, but then Ronnie comes to his aid, not by supporting him, but by admitting on national television that he has a crush on him. Ben looks mortified. Now we know why he’s so stiff. In the end, the three up for elimination are Dominic, Ben, and Katy. Guess we’ll see next week if America is feeling Katy’s new red hair and tired of Dominic’s excuses.

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