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Make Me A Supermodel: Episode Three


Updated January 25, 2008
Ben, Dominic and Katy are at America’s mercy. Of course Dominic, who eerily refers to himself in the third person, is angry that he’s been put on the chopping block. Katy reminds us that she doesn’t want to go home yet. Ronnie wakes up his roommate, Ben, and as Ben packs, Ronnie asks for a hug in case he doesn’t come back. And Ben gives him one. When the three leave for the elimination, Franki says that they should just eliminate two contestants every week and get it over with.


Ben, Dominic and Katy stand before the judges. Dominic is told his walk is dull and needs variety. Ben needs to let his guard down. Katy is told she is not evolving. Thankfully, America votes Dominic off. He says that he’ll just have to make himself a supermodel, and blames his loss on faulty advice and ill-fitting shoes.


Ben and Katy arrive back at the house to applause. It’s playtime as the ladies imitate Franki flipping his Farrah Fawcett hair. Ronnie is especially happy that Ben wasn’t eliminated. He says that he is getting mixed signals from Ben, who is the married prison guard. Ronnie interviews that although he and Ben play around a lot, Ben needs to realize that Ronnie is serious. Next thing you know, Aryn, Ben and Ronnie are on the bed making a RonnieBenAryn sandwich. The other ladies in the house discuss the chemistry between Aryn and Ben. Now I’m confused too.


The theme for the photo shoot is sexual chemistry. They are told to forget all about their partners, wives, girlfriends, husbands and inhibitions. Tyson also tells them not to be shy, and for the guys, it’s okay to get excited. They are paired up and told to just get wild on a bed. Ben and Katy do a good job convincing us they don’t want to be in the bottom three again. Jay and Aryn have the chemistry of a bird and piece of cardboard. Stephanie and Jacki rock it like their shooting a lesbian video. Franki and Holly have absolutely no chemistry, partly because she can’t stand him, and partly because she is saving herself for her fiancé, and rolling around on a bed for a shot at $100K and the title of Supermodel must equate to sex in her book. Ronnie and Shannon are hot, and he even admits to getting excited for the first time with a girl. Strangely, straight pair Casey and Perry have the best shoot, giving us dominatrix and a little too much tongue. Acting? You be the judge. Back at the house, Holly cries about the shoot as Franki berates her for being such a prude. Franki accuses her of being drunk during the shoot, which she denies. Holly is upset that he told America she was drinking. Personally, I don’t think Holly is ready for the world of modeling.


The models work out with a personal trainer that doesn’t take any mercy. Aryn, who said last week she lost three inches off her chest by exercising, can’t keep up. After the workout, they head back to the house where they get time for personal calls home. Unlike other reality shows, they don’t fight over the phone. They each take a turn like nice little girls and boys. Ben tells Ronnie that he isn’t worried about talking to his wife about the photo shoot. Aryn’s boyfriend tells her he wants to marry her, but she tells us that after New York, she can’t see herself going back to the same dysfunctional relationship. This is after she told him she only has him to go home to.


The same pairs take on the catwalk. The theme is fetish/equestrian. Yeah, that’s what I said. Anyhooo, they are given whips and other apparatus for props. Basically, everyone reenacts their bedroom romp, with Franki and Holly just as stiff as ever. In the end, Jay, Aryn and Holly end up at America’s mercy. I really hope Jay goes. His walk is awful and he just doesn’t make contact with the camera. But since I didn’t vote, who cares what I think? See you next week!

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