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Make Me A Supermodel: Episode Four


Updated February 01, 2008
Of the 12 remaining hopefuls, Holly, Jay and Aryn are up for America’s vote. Surprisingly, Aryn is voted off. She leaves amid tears and hugs. I’m crying ‘cause Jay is still there. We are reminded that ALLTEL is responsible for the text votes that kicked Aryn off the catwalk. The judges agree with me that America may have gotten it wrong.


At the house, the general feeling is that Holly won’t be returning, so it’s a shock when she does. Jacki says that in her opinion, Aryn should go because she doesn’t seem to want it too much, and she also questions Aryn’s relationship with Ben, who gets very defensive. Personally, I’m still watching Ben and Ronnie. Jay and Holly return to the house. Frankie says he would have preferred Aryn over those two. Casey tells Jay the girls are phony, hugging Holly and congratulating her after saying she should go home.


The photo shoot is actually a 10 minute nude pose for each model in an art class. Luckily, no one refuses and everyone steps outside of their own comfort zone to participate. Of course, Frankie can’t wait to disrobe. Holly is a little uncomfortable, but she knows she needs to step up her game after last week. Casey was the most nervous, breaking out in a sweat and turning red. Jacki, who wouldn’t wear the thong, is nervous, but gets through it. Jay and Casey are rated as the bottom two.


Ben tells Ronnie he got a call from his wife, who isn’t doing too well. He doesn’t go into specifics for the camera, but she’s losing a lot of weight and stressed. Ben says that she is his only supporter now back home. She’s probably being teased and taunted because her prison guard hubby and babydaddy is parading around a catwalk in pink thongs and sleeping next to a gay guy with a crush on him. Ben then tells Ronnie that he isn’t quite sure how to define his relationship with Ronnie (try closeted, down low, confused…), but Ronnie assures him that if Ben were gay, he would be a perfect match, but since he isn’t (cough, cough) it isn’t an issue and they will be great friends forever. Ben tells Ronnie he has mad respect for him that people don’t understand. Like me. Ronnie cryptically adds that actions speak louder than words.


The models meet with Nikki, and are told that they will be modeling in a group portrait, guys vs. gals. One guy will be with the gals, one gal with the guys. Holly is adamant that the girls not choose Frankie, so they take Perry instead. The shoots go well, but the photographer takes both Jay and Casey out of the portrait and continues without them. Next, the models are painted in black, and told to pose as pieces of art. Stephanie is chosen as the lead and given a pair of hideous foot burning, corn-inducing “shoes” to wear. They model the black paint in front of a group of folks, ending up under a robe that Stephanie is wearing. The shoot goes relatively well, with only Ben and Katy standing out for being nervous and distracted.


On the runway, as always, they are wearing designs straight out of a Frankenstein remake. Or a famous European house of couture. It’s a toss up. Katy is told she walked well, but the photographers all complain she is easily distracted. Ben is told he’s done better this week. Holly is perfection in the judge’s eyes. Stephanie walked the catwalk too fast, but rocked the rest of the week. Jay is told he is attractive, but just doesn’t photograph well. Tyson admits to a man-crush on Perry, saying if he were a woman he would date him. Too much information…Jay, Katy and Casey are up for America’s vote. I’m sure Ronnie is glad Ben will be around another week. Hopefully, America will make ALLTEL proud, and send JAY packing. I want poor Katy to stick around another week.

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