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How to Become a MTV Reality TV Star


MTV logo

MTV, the channel that brought us The Real World and 16 and Pregnant, is casting for new and returning teen and young adult reality shows and specials.

If you've ever wanted to become a reality TV star this may be your chance. Here's how you can get on an MTV reality show.

First, if you're crazy about Katy Perry, Kanye West or Catelyn and Tyler from Teen Mom, MTV might just want you for one of their new fan shows.

Or if you're a teenager you might qualify to appear on an MTV series if you also:

  • have parents who are gay
  • want to lose weight,
  • are pregnant,
  • are graduating early or
  • dropped out of high school and are now looking for new opportunities.

According to MTV's casting board, they're also seeking, "wannabe rock stars, VJs, Real World-ers, stand-up comics, beauty queens, ladies' men and everyone in between. This is your lucky day. MTV casting calls are looking for you! Yes, you!"

On the MTV site, you can find dozens of casting calls as well as audience ticketing information, including for reunion specials of Real World: Las Vegas and sister station VH1's Love and Hip Hop.

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