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New Reality Shows Coming January 2013


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'Washington Heights'--MTV's Dominican-American 'Jersey Shore'
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With Washington Heights MTV hopes to offer a Dominican-American replacement for Jersey Shore.

Washington Heights follows a group of close friends from the Manhattan neighborhood. Although it parallels the formula that worked well with Jersey Shore, exchanging sandy beaches for the gritty streets of New York creates a very different show--and a new jargon. 'GTL' gives way to 'hustle' as this group struggles to reach their dreams despite hardships.

Washington Heights stars:

  • JP (a.k.a. Audubon): the group's peacemaker, JP dreams of being a hip-hop star but he still lives with his mom and may have to forgo his music to help pay the bills
  • Reyna: The singer is a firecracker, quick to laugh and quick to anger. If you mess with one of her friends, she'll mess with you.
  • Frankie: A spoken-word performer who dreams of becoming an English teacher, Frankie has snappy one-liners and a tendency to derail her plans when a hot boy comes along.
  • Ludwin: The current object of Frankie's affections, Ludwin is an artist with a style all his own.
  • Jimmy: Dreaming of a professional baseball career, Jimmy has a lot of cards stacked against him. His father has been in jail for most of his life and Jimmy has been on his own since he was sixteen. Now he's dating an outsider (Eliza) and it's causing conflict in the tight-knit group.
  • Eliza: Having grown up in New Jersey, Eliza is trying to adjust to the neighborhood while pursuing her career in fashion. She thinks Jimmy's friends are holding him back.
  • Rico: JP's best friend, Rico still lives at home. His dreams change day by day; he'll be a model...or an actor...or--. But, as the oldest son, his family needs him to put away dreams and get to work.
  • Fred: Rico's younger brother, Fred is no dreamer. He's driven to make it in the world of fashion.
  • Taylor: Looking more like a preppy cheerleader than a Washington Heights native, Taylor maintains her own sense of style--and a different perspective on her friends.

Washington Heights premieres January 9, 2013 and airs Wednesdays on MTV 10PM Eastern.

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