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New Reality Shows Coming January 2013


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'Ghost Mine'--SyFy's Paranormal Gold Miners
Cast of SyFy's Ghost Mine

Ghost Mine is a new hour-long reality show on SyFy that combines Ghost Hunter with Gold Rush. Set in an abandoned and reportedly haunted mine in Oregon, Ghost Mine stars what Mark Stern, President of Original Content for Syfy calls, "eclectic gold miners in the midst of paranormal activity."

While the miners will be battling the elements in hopes of striking it rich they will also have to face whatever paranormal phenomena is lurking inside. But they won't have to deal with the ghosts themselves, as the producers have teamed the miners up with a pair of "experienced paranormal investigators."

I'm thinking the kind of burly guys who mine for gold aren't the kind of guys who normally believe in ghosts or would call in "paranormal investigators;" so the culture class between miners and ghost hunters could add a whole other level to the show.

Ghost Mine premieres January 16 on SyFy.

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